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Published on March 21st, 2013 | by Nick Coe


When Do Pro Athletes Find Time to Work Out?

Pro athletes are obviously different from the usual gym goers and the person who works out as a hobby, no matter how much the latter work out. They have difficult schedules filled with non-athletic responsibilities due to their status and have to be ready and injury-free for their games. So how do they do it? When does a professional athlete find time to work out in a gaming season and how often do they need to work out off season? What makes the difference between a pro’s training session and that of a hobbyist athlete?

Working out in-season or before an event

During gaming season, athletes have the added pressure of having to continuously perform to the audience’s content without injuring themselves or becoming too fatigued to play. This demands very precise planning of all their activities and food consumption. They have special trainers and coaches, usually former athletes themselves, pushing them just as much as it’s is needed for them to retain the muscle mass without letting fatigue do its dangerous work. A fatigued player is more prone to injuries and that goes for both mental and physical fatigue.

We have often seen the pressure of a first season break fatigued athletes with an injury, because they were too stressed or tired. Absolute control and a rigid schedule is the answer for most pro athletes to that problem. By knowing exactly what to do and when to do it they lose the stress of not having done enough. Doctors will constantly check their pulse for the first signs of fatigue, take blood tests, measure lean muscle mass and do fitness tests. Trainers will diligently write down the Athlete’s progress so that any slip can be immediately amended before it’s too late.

The games themselves count as high intensity work outs, which means that afterwards there will be the appropriate resting period and lighter exercise following.

Athletes that prepare for a single large event, like the Olympics or a Marathon run will build up strength until the event and will not have the dangers of continuous games causing them injuries.

When traveling, all pro athletes will live in hotels which are either close to or include excellent Gyms filled with the right equipment. Of course the coaches and doctors will travel with them.

It’s important to mention that during season and before major events athletes restrict their diets to very strict plans and some even stay away from family to avoid getting sidetracked from their athletic goals.

Working out while out of season

When working out after the season has ended, pro athletes will try to strengthen any damaged or injured areas if they got hurt during games. Rehabilitation is often the first thing a pro athlete has to do after a season since small injuries are very common. The athlete will then focus to first rest and then strengthen the affected area.

If the athlete suffered no injuries, they will start focusing on improving their performance right away. This is the time when the coach decides whether muscle mass has to be attained, lost or stay the same and whether the athletes need to train more on some weak areas or keep on going with their usual workout.

At this time pro Athletes will be working out close to home in their team’s and/or their personal gyms. The diet is not as restricted and family life gets back to the closest to “normal” a dedicated athlete can expect.


During season, pro athletes live under a tight schedule and have to work out wherever they travel to under the supervision of excellent coaches and doctors. Their games count as very high intensity workouts. Off-season, pro athletes work on performance in the team’s home city gyms preparing their bodies to go through another taxing season and surviving it without injury in order to succeed.

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