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Published on June 9th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Weird Workouts: X-Rated Workouts

Let’s face it, lots of people who work out often, only do so for one ultimate goal: to improve their sex lives. It might be taboo for some, but it doesn’t make it less true. Many of us want those muscles and lean bodies to attract a desirable partner and impress them. It is common sense that fitness improves your chances for better and more sex. It is simply biological that people judge others by their health, both mental and physical and fitness improves both those aspects of a person, making them more sexually attractive to others.

So exercising improves your private moments. However, something that isn’t often said is that some exercises are better at improving your sexual life than others. There are workouts named “X-rated” for exactly that reason. They are or should be strictly for adults in that form and they enhance your self esteem and desire to be intimate.

Pole dancing

Pole dancing must be the most famous of the x-rated exercises. You can casually learn pole dancing as part of a gymnastics routine, but usually the sexual background of the sport is the reason why people take it up. Swinging in sexily tight gym suits around a pole and striking dashing poses in front of a mirror does wonders to your self esteem. We all know that self esteem is crucial when it comes to good sex. Also the moves you learn in pole dancing classes can help you perform something nice for your partner to turn the heat on when you want to.

There are specific benefits to pole dancing:

  • Specific and achievable goals help keep you motivated. Every time you go to a lesson you’ll learn something new, a pose you never done before or a whole new dance.
  • You get quick rewards for your effort. You enter a class not knowing a move and exit it having learned it. Each time you do pole dancing you’ll have a productive new experience.
  • You can apply any type of ordinary exercise to the pole. Whether it is squats, pushups or burpees you can all combine them with pole dancing.
  • All types of dances can be adapted to pole dancing. Your own imagination is the limit.
  • It is very entertaining,  trains your whole body and is damn sexy to watch!

No other exercise will add so much quality and fulfillment in your life.

Sex as an exercise

We tend to forget that sex itself can be turned into an intense exercise regime. Lazy sex cannot be compared to a really fitness friendly tumble. If you plan it right and everybody is into it wholeheartedly you can do your cardio, interval training and endurance training all in one go. Couples will often spend all their energy in the gym, ignoring their own and their partner’s other needs. You should not let your everyday life and fitness get in the way of your quality of sex life. On the contrary, you should combine them. There are very specific rules to combine your fitness with your sex life:

  • You need to have a dedicated partner. Flings and one night stands don’t work (and can be dangerous to your health in other ways if you’re not careful!)
  • You need to plan your “sessions”. Most of us have plenty of responsibilities and our schedules do not match with those of our partners. This is why exact planning can go a long way. Plan for at least one or two hours of free time together.
  • Be the best you can be. A busy schedule is no excuse to appear to your sexual date with woolen socks and smelly armpits. Wear something alluring and have a shower beforehand. Let your imagination loose and plan your special hours before hand.
  • Plan in long term too. Stay in shape, don’t overeat or undertrain. You must be the best you can be for yourself, but also for your partner. They agreed to be with you, so you should be the best you can be for them.
  • Don’t overdo it. Don’t do anything crazy from the first time. Start your intense sex life gradually, as you would with any sport. Warm up and raise the difficulty gradually. You don’t want to leave your new sexual experience with a sprain!


For those who have steady partners and complicated schedules, it is highly beneficial to improve their physique and confidence. To improve your sexual life you can either join sports classes like pole dancing, which teach you how to be more alluring and let your inner fire loose. You can also turn your sex life into a enjoyable workout session.

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