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Published on May 28th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Weird Workouts: Thug Workouts

Not all of us can afford a fancy gym membership and not all of us really like gyms anyway. Gyms can become an acquired taste for some, but many remain who just do not like the environment and pace in a gym. Giving hundreds of dollars a year for your fitness is too much for others who have higher responsibilities to consider. Gyms also have rules that many do not like: You have to be clean, you have to bring your own towels and you have to be talking with a low voice to let others exercise undisturbed. For those who say no to all that, yet still want to look ripped, there is a cool “new” workout type out there: the thug workout.

What is the thug workout?

Simply put, thug workout is a collection of bodyweight exercises done outside of a gym. Of course, bodyweight exercises (exercises where the strength training is done by lifting your own weight and no weighted fitness tools) are nothing new. Pushups are probably as ancient as man itself. What is different about the thug workout is that it applies old tested methods of bodyweight training to new urban environments found across any city or town.

By using playgrounds, parks and abandoned yards you can train to become as muscular as any gym-rat that isn’t on steroids. The equipment used is available everywhere and free, making this a dirt cheap workout that needs only your time and effort to succeed.

You don’t need to smell good, wear new sportswear and carry clean little towels with you for this workout. This is just you and your sweat, anywhere you like, getting a fitness session done. You can choose a location as public or isolated as you like and change locations as often as you want. If you don’t train in the middle of a church sermon or something like that nobody will really bother you. On the contrary, most onlookers will be impressed by your simple, yet effective way of staying fit without giving in to consumerism.

Of course, the thug workout is not for everyone. People who are sensitive or ill should rather stay in the safe environment of the gym if their doctor has allowed any exercise at all. It can be a real headache for allergic people during some seasons. Also, depending on how public a place you choose, you will have to be careful not to get into trouble. People who are very self-conscious and posh might not like everyone looking at their sweaty shirt.

Here are some examples of a thug workout’s exercises:

  • Find a typical bench and start doing some beginner’s pushups by having your hands on the bench and feet on the ground. This is a good way to get used to pushups if you don’t do them often.
  • Any strong metal bar placed higher than your head and within reach, is a perfect opportunity for some pull-ups or chin-ups. Lifting your knees to your chest while hanging from the bar will also give you a washboard stomach.
  • Children’s monkey-bars can be an excellent training tool for you. Just keep your feet on your bottom while hanging from the bars (knees fully bent) and do some sets of going back and forth. The longer you manage to hold on the better.
  • Find a good open space and do some spiriting back and forth within 10 meters. Each time you reach one side do some pushups or burpees, stand up and run again.
  • Jump off benches as if they were plyoboxes and jump again as soon as you hit the ground. This way you can get some vertical jumping training into your program.
  • If you find a spare tire it is an excellent tool to offer some resistance for shoulder presses.

The choices don’t stop there. You can turn any interesting city spot into your new exercise ground. Be creative when you think of new ways to use your own weight and strength to work out. Use old junk forgotten in your garage, grasp opportunities from your environment and be free to be creative with your own fitness regime. It is easy to tell if what you are doing is working.

Don’t forget that some things never change about fitness wherever you train:

  • Remember to warm up before doing anything extreme
  • Get rest between exercises and sets
  • Cool down after each training session
  • Avoid getting a cold when it is rainy or snowing
  • Don’t get a heatstroke during sunny days
  • Stay hydrated by keeping some water with you
  • Don’t get into trouble

Other than that be free, creative and have fun getting that powerful body without paying a dime or giving a dime, the thug way!

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