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Published on June 20th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Weird Workouts: High Heel Workouts

Wearing high heels might be downright painful and dangerous at most times, but people still do it every day without a second thought. There is something that draws women to balance on tiny, long heels, sometimes the whole day, just to make their legs look longer. We all know that this leads to injuries, such as sores, calluses and some doctors even suggest that high heels can change the anatomy of your foot, if you wear them often. It is much easier to get a muscle or bone injury if you are wearing high heels, simply because it is much easier to fall over or bend your foot in an awkward way.

Most women learn to wear and walk in heels at a young age on their own. While the medically sane would be to abandon this practice exactly how women left whale-bone corsets behind in time, it doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon. Heels seem to be growing higher and becoming weirder every year. Celebrities wear them and of course the female population follows. Since we can’t seem to abandon heel use, because they are engrained into the female culture like alcohol is engrained into human culture world over. So what do we do? When you can’t fight against something you might as well add some educations and skill into the mixture. Controlled and skilled use of high heels might minimize the damage and maximize efficiency, like learning to drink alcohol only on major holidays is a way forward.

One way to become more skilled and knowledgeable about high heels is to join a very popular workout class called heel hop or otherwise known as the high heel workout. Former “So you think you can dance” contestant Kamilah Barrett had this interesting idea to do a classic aerobic workout, with the added twist of wearing high heels while doing it. What are the benefits to such a workout? Well there actually are some, including:

  • Working out in high heels does make any exercise more straining for your legs. This means that your thighs, calves and glutes will work harder while doing exercises in high heels that without them.
  • It can teach women to walk in high heels with better balance and strength. Too many girls never learn how to walk correctly in heels, endangering their health with injury risks, or they simply look a bit funny trying to balance in the heels, ruining all the effect. Learning how to balance right and walk with confidence while in heels enhances their effect a lot, making it more appealing.
  • It improves self confidence. When you walk correctly in high heels you look more slender and graceful. This can add a lot to the self confidence of women who do not think much about themselves.
  • It burns more calories. Of course making any exercise harder with tools such as resistance ropes or heels will make you lose more weight. This can be extremely appealing for women who don’t have a lot of time to exercise and wish to fit more into less.
  • It is approved and used by some celebrities, which seems to be inspiring for some.

Now we should also mention the downsides of doing such a workout:

  • First and foremost, doctors do NOT approve of the high heels workout. There is a much higher risk for injuries when you work out in high heels, no matter what exercises you do. Our anatomy is not made for balancing the whole day on thin sticks. If you wear high heels too often you can suffer serious anatomical damage to your feet. Training is usually a good chance to wear comfortable and safe sneakers, not another chance to wear your favorite stilettos. So you actually are in danger of both acute (aka falling injury etc) and chronic damage if you use your high heels a lot.
  • Second, it isn’t a psychologically healthy way to combat your self esteem deficiencies with placebos and fake assistance. You do not really become taller with high heels; you are just wearing high heels. It is the same as standing on a step, you seem taller, but you are not. This might make you feel less of a person when you do not wear your heels. Feeling like you are more yourself when you are wearing certain garments distracts you from reality and might cause you a lot of stress.
  • Third, it can be painful. High heels are designed just to look pretty on a girl that’s standing around in a bar. They are not designed for extreme use, like in workouts. They do not have the balance, stability and structure needed to support a woman that is actively exercising. You will get painful sores and calluses, just because the structure of the shoe is not anatomically supporting, on the contrary it is anatomically obtrusive.


If you can’t do without your high heels you should at least learn how to wear and walk in them correctly. The high heels workout can do exactly that for you. Beware that anyone can get seriously injured or have chronic problems in their feet if they wear high heels too much. Doctors do not endorse the high heel workouts, even though some celebrities do. Take your pick.



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