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Published on April 23rd, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Physical Fitness Types: Muscle Strength

Muscular strength is what almost every man desire and many people need to lead a healthy and long life. We often confuse muscular strength as being something only meant for passionate bodybuilders and weight-lifters, but nothing could be further from the truth. You need sheer muscular strength for almost every activity you. The more strength you have the easier, literally, your life becomes. So what is muscular strength really? How do you get it and who needs it the most?

Muscular strength

Muscle strength is the amount of force a muscle can exert in a single contraction. This is easily measurable by the amount of weight that muscle can lift or push, since pushing weight needs force. The largest amount of weight your muscle can push is considered you current maximum strength in that muscle, even though strength and weight is not the same thing. For simplicity’s sake most people say the weight they can lift to indicate their strength.

One can be strong with a specific muscle and weak with another. This causes an imbalance in the body, changing your gravity center and balancing ability. It is usually preferred to train all muscles to a certain extent that enables you to enjoy a fully trained body and not just a couple groups of strong muscles. This is why athletes that use the legs more also need to do arm weight lifting etc.

Making your muscles stronger ultimately makes them bulkier. This is why many people do strength training not only for the power your improved muscles can have, but also for the looks of an athlete. Bodybuilding is one such sport where the looks of your muscles can be more important than each muscle’s weight lifting ability. Weight lifting is the opposite, where you lifting abilities are more important than your looks. This is why weight lifting champions often might not look as lean and ripped as body builders, even though they are much, MUCH stronger.

So, there are two main ways to improve your muscle strength:

  • First, you can lift/push for 10-12 repetitions the 70% of the maximum weight you can lift/push with the muscle and repeat that set a few times.
  • Second, you can do body weight and floor exercises, which have no weight but your own to train your muscles with

While weight lifting is a sure fire way to measure you strength and progress, floor and body weight exercises train more muscles at once and improve their flexibility more than weights do. The best is a combination of the two, to make sure you gain in strength but also that this strength is utilized in the right way.

To gain muscle strength you need to gain muscle bulk. To gain muscle bulk you need strength training and a good diet. Muscles need a lot of protein and essential fatty acids to be built. This is why it is extremely hard to gain muscle while being on a calorie restricted diet. Remember that eating in a controlled way more calories to become muscular will not make you fatter, but stronger.

Who needs muscular strength?

In fact, everybody does! Getting out of bed in the morning, walking your dog, driving, running to the copy machine at work… all daily activities need a bit of strength to be done correctly. The more strength you have the easier your life becomes, since ordinary tasks tire you less. People will also find you more reliable if you are capable of doing a lot with ease.

The amount of strength each of us needs to work at optimum capacity differs, since some have more sedentary lives than others. However, this does not mean that sedentary people should be happy being weaker than others. On the contrary, many of the diseases that are more common in people with sedentary lifestyles can be prevented by doing some training.


While athletes often take strength training to the extreme, even a bit of strength training can make a huge difference in your everyday life. You will not only be stronger while doing your chores and work, you will also look much better reaping all the benefits that come from a higher sex appeal. Strength training can prevent disease and improve your quality of life in many ways, so find a bit of time in the week to do your own little strength regime.

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