Training Cardio - Sprinting for Men

Published on April 20th, 2013 | by Nick Coe


Intense Cardio Workouts for Men You Should Be Doing

While cardio is good for everyone, men have an extra reason to worry about their heart’s health. Fact is that men get more heart attacks than women. Even though in developed countries the lead cause of death for both sexes is coronary heart disease, men have it more often. The main reasons, as researches presume, are stress levels, socioeconomic problems and excessive drinking of alcohol.

Apart from dropping the drinking and trying to have a better outlook on life, there are more things you can do to prevent coronary heart disease. Cardio exercises are known to strengthen the heart muscle and improve circulation, making your chances for a heart attack slimmer.

Here are some awesome workouts for men:

  • The 55 workout! You start by doing one body-weight squats and follow up with ten pushups. Then you go two squats-nine pushups. You keep on adding squats and subtracting pushups until you get to ten squats and one pushup. This workout will make you heart pump like crazy.
  • Jumping Jacks. Start with 10 seconds of jumping jacks (as many as you can fit in that time) and follow with ten seconds of rest. Then you go 20 seconds jumping jacks-20 seconds rest. Finally you go 30 seconds jumping jacks and 30 seconds rest. Afterwards you start to work yourself down again with 30, 20 and 10 jumping jacks and rest intervals.

  • Sprint! In between your normal fitness regime find a place you can sprint for about 10-15 meters. Each time you reach the end take one deep breath, exhale and run back again. Do this exercise until you no longer can breathe from your nose.
  • Martial arts. Most martial arts are excellent ways to get your heart pumping, while also offering you confidence, empowerment and improved musculature.

While many consider physical strength to be unimportant in a modern man, I assure you that getting a healthy heart and a stronger body will improve all facets of your life as a male. Your partners will find you more reliable (in and out of bed), your coworkers will respect you more and you will love your powerful new self more.

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