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Published on January 13th, 2014 | by Joe Starks


How to Train My Biceps

Great looking biceps are just as desirable for men as they are for women. Whether you want a Greek god’s look or an Amazon’s upper arms, it isn’t that easy to train those muscles to the extent that they will looks awesome. In this article we’ll write about how to achieve those perfect biceps and how to maintain them. We’ll list some of the best exercises to grow your upper arm muscles and what behaviors to avoid when you want to have fabulous musculature.

What to do?

The steps that will guide you to perfect biceps are quite simple, but hard to follow through with. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Improve your diet. You can’t possibly grow great muscles on a diet of sugars, excessive fat and starch. If you want the body of an Olympic athlete you need to eat like one. This means a lot of lean protein (no fry ups) and low-starch vegetables. You’ll get your carbohydrates for energy in the form of rice, energy drinks or energy bars, but be careful to get only enough to keep you fueled, not more.
  2. Drink enough water. What “enough” means for you is up for your body to decide. Drink water every time you feel thirsty and always drink after exercise and before going to bed. If you go to the bathroom once every 2 hours you know you are hydrated properly. If you go more often than that you can cut down on your water intake and if you go less than that up your intake respectively.
  3. Rest properly between exercise sessions. Remember even common day chores can be biceps exercises, so be sure you take it easy between sessions. Give your muscles at least a full day to rebuild themselves or you will only break down your muscles day after day. Often people wonder why their muscles don’t grow despite all the exercise. Well, the answer is because you exercise too much and rest too little. We build muscle in our sleep and rest, not in the gym.

The best exercises for building your Biceps

Of course as you’d expect, building muscle is all about weight lifting. Aerobics will only give your muscles endurance. It is weight lifting that will make your muscles strong and large. Lifting weights can be quite dangerous if you don’t know how to keep the right posture. If you are a beginner do get the advice and supervision of a professional, at least for the first ten times.

Here is a list of great Bicep weight-lifting exercises:

  • Incline hammer curls. This is not the most effective exercise, but it an easy one to start with.
  • Ez Bar curls. This is a typical weight-lifter exercise. No wonder why it builds your muscles so well. Keep this exercise in your regime always.
  • Barbell curls. Probably the most iconic weight lifting exercise. It is a must for any serious bicep training.
  • Hammer curls. Very efficient and simple. It is easy to master and trains the biceps thoroughly.
  • Cable curls. Be careful with this exercise so you don’t injure your shoulder and back. Once you master it, it will build your whole upper body great for you.

There are dozens of variations you might want to try and the gym industry comes up with new toys to play with all the time. Just remember the basic of a good bicep exercise:

Train your upper arm, while protecting your spine from any potential injury.

This is why you should never lift weights that are too heavy for you. If you ever fail to lift them you might injure you back horribly and then it will be that much harder to build up your biceps (if you will even care at that point anymore).

Like all thorough muscle building regimes, when you are building your biceps you must be patient. Muscles don’t grow quickly without effort. REAL muscles are like a badge of honor that show that you worked hard and earned them. NEVER cheat yourself into unhealthy, steroid pumped failure. You can do it the right way and it is only satisfying if you can see the work you put into every muscle when you look at yourself in the mirror each morning.

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