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Published on December 29th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


How to Get Perfect 6-Packs

All men and women love to look at a healthy set of six packs. A nicely toned, flat stomach is always attractive and much sought after in today’s society that struggles to stay fit. This is why so many of us dream of forging our six packs, but sadly most often fail. There are many reasons (and many myths) that are to blame for most men not being able to train their six packs. In this article we’ll discuss both the reasons why you might fail and the ways you can actually train your six packs to perfection.

What are you doing wrong?

If you’ve been trying hard to train your six packs, but haven’t achieved anything yet, then there are plenty of things you should look at. Here is a list of probable causes for your failure and things you should avoid when training your six packs:

  • Be a normal weight. If you are too fat you can train as much as you want, but your six packs won’t show beneath that fat tissue layer. If you are too thin then your muscles certainly don’t have enough fuel to grow and look impressive. Real athletes eat a large amount of very healthy food that has enough calories and nutrients to help the body make more muscle mass. Neither eating too little or too much will help your goal. To find the balance get help from an experienced professional.
  • Don’t train your stomach area only. If you don’t train the rest of your body as well your stomach won’t look as impressive. A good set of six packs needs impressive pecks and thighs to look its best.
  • Don’t forget to drink water. Not hydrating can cause muscle growth to be slower.
  • Don’t over-train. Make sure you warm up before each training session. Give yourself time to wind down at the end of the session. Make sure you give your stomach muscles time to rest before the next training session.

Generally all clearly unhealthy activities should be avoided. This includes smoking, drinking alcohol, not sleeping enough and being constantly stressed. Only a healthy lifestyle can give you a healthy body.

What you should be doing

The first thing you have to achieve is to reach a normal, healthy weight for your height. Once you are well within the normal area you can hope to form some a nice six pack. You then have to watch your diet and add a bit of lean, healthy protein to it. It doesn’t matter whether that source is meat or a vegetarian choice of protein; just make sure you get all amino acids you need from it. Hydrate regularly with water. Make sure you sleep at least 8 hours every day. If you don’t rest your body has no time or energy to form more muscle mass.

The most important part is of course the training of the muscles themselves. Because training six packs involves a lot of movement from your back, you should be extremely careful not to injure or over-train your back, which is sadly very easy to do. These are some excellent exercises to form a great six pack:

  • Machine crunches or normal crunches. Crunches are certainly the most basic exercise to increase six pack muscle mass. You have to be certain you are doing them correctly, so that you don’t hurt your back during your training. Using a machine can be safer for your back, but make sure a trainer shows you how to do that first.
  • Seated leg tucks. This exercise is simple but hard. You sit on a bench and lift your legs up 90 degrees from the floor. You then pull your knees to your chest and straighten your leg again afterwards. Make sure you are holding onto the bench tightly with your hands. Do this exercise slowly for added difficulty and better results.
  • Knee-raises. Hanging from a bar by holding it with your hands, you pull up your knees to your chest. Doing this exercise slowly will add to the difficulty and the result as well.
  • Cable crunches. You sit on your knees and push down a weight attacked to a cable until your hands reach the floor. You keep your hands close to your neck so that your whole body “bows” to the floor.
  • V-sits. You lie down for this exercise and simultaneously raise your upper and lower body, balancing on your buttocks. Your body then looks like a V shape, hence the name of the exercise.

Only hard work and determination can give you the look of an ancient Greek god. The reason why so many of us adore the six packs is because it needs character and perseverance to build them. So don’t shy away from the effort it takes. Having the perfect six packs will be reward enough!

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