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Published on February 10th, 2014 | by Joe Starks


Help: How To Train My Glutes

Our bottoms are certainly a focus part of our sex appeal. People judge your attractiveness to a large extend on how shapely and firm your butt looks. Fact is it is hard to have a very shapely butt, because we need to have some fat in that area to support us when we sit. The only way to make this soft, flabby tissue look great is by having very big and strong muscles underneath. You also need to be careful not to have too much fat on your bum. Women and men alike find it extremely important to train the glutes to look good. In this article we’ll explain how that is possible.

The diet part

You simply can’t have an amazing bottom if you are overweight or obese. You need to be of a normal weight to show off your assets correctly, or else the fat in the area will be saggy and form cellulite. Some people already have great, trained glutes, but the fat over them doesn’t let them show.

So, get your diet in order first, so you only have a healthy percentage of fat tissue on your bottom and body in general. Trim down your calories and replace a couple of snacks with something a bit healthier. Stop drinking your calories and focus on eating some protein to build muscle.

The exercise part

No matter what you eat, you simply can’t have large glutes without exercise. The good thing is that our glutes pretty much get trained in every exercise we do. But, because they are huge muscles, they need a lot of work to get big and beautiful.

Basic exercises like running, jogging and hiking are excellent for your bottom. You just need to do a lot of it for many months to get your results. Since these exercises are cardio mostly, your results will be slow.

The best thing is to add a few strength exercises into the occasion, which target the glutes specifically. Here’s a list with some of the best to choose from:

  • The squat is the king of the lot. Nothing trains your behind like doing deep squats every day. Stay in the lowest position for a few seconds every time to increase the results.
  • Lunges are amazing for your bottom. Use some light weight to make everything a bit harder and lunge away.
  • Deadlifts make your bottom work hard to help you lift that weight from toes to chest. Just make sure you don’t rely on your back too much and let your glutes do the work.
  • The trampoline, the bike, yoga, dancing, ballet and aerobics are all great ways to give some more punch to your training and develop stronger glutes.
  • Fencing is one of the sports that form the best butts out there. It’s true, just look at these athletes.
  • Swimming is great to improve the look of your glutes, especially if you have joint problems and can’t do other things as well.

Remember that your glutes need a lot of work to grow beautiful and big. So whatever you choose as your exercise, be patient. Nobody got the perfect behind without any effort, no matter what they tell you.

Don’t overtrain

Your glutes work almost all day long. You use them for walking, balancing and getting up from a seated position constantly. So, do not over-train this muscle or it won’t be able to grow. Muscles only grow bigger when you rest after exercise. If the exercise is continuous there is no time to rebuild the muscle and you will have no results whatsoever.

Give your glutes some sitting, or lying rest after a hard workout and before you do the next one. Make sure you eat enough protein to build muscles. This doesn’t need to be a lot. Usually two portions of lean protein are enough per day. Think of a chicken breast and a couple of eggs for instance. Yoghurt, lentils and cheese are usually good choices as well. Just remember cheese can be very fatty so be careful with those portions. A finger sized piece of cheese is a decent portion.

It is best to avoid protein shakes and bars. If you rely too much on such artificial and expensive ways to get protein, then your diet will suffer for it. It is easy to eat well when you know how, so get out there and find the right plan for your body-type and training intensity.

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