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Published on April 24th, 2013 | by Nick Coe


Getting your Body to the Next Level: High Intensity Cardio

What sets high intensity cardio workouts apart from the rest is that they are extremely taxing for your heart and that they can only last for a short while. High intensity cardio is not for everyone. You must already have a healthy heart and be of normal weight. If you are going to do high intensity workouts in general you will need the guidance and supervision of an expert, at least for the first times you try it. Since you do not know how your body will react to extreme stress you should never attempt your first high intensity cardio alone.

If you are overweight or suffer from heart/breathing problems, you should stick to plain old cardio. If you are a powerhouse looking for a challenge, then high intensity cardio might be the next step towards improved performance. It is usually done by extremely fit people or athletes.


The best high intensity cardio is done on cardio machines in the gym, which help you keep your form and concentration. Doing cardio outdoors or at home with high intensity is not advised due to the environment (you don’t want to sprint into people in the park or ruin that new TV set, do you?). Cardio machines are built in a way that you can easily adjust the speed and power needed to work on them and also offer you a relative safety when you are pushing yourself further than you have ever tried going.

The sessions should last only for a few seconds or minutes at a time with at least double the time in between used for resting and recovery.

Some excellent high intensity cardio workouts are:

  • Sprinting on a treadmill
  • Extreme session on a step master
  • Quick run on the elliptical machine
  • Very powerful rowing on a rowing machine
  • Fast climbing on a stepmill



Get a trainer to tell you how long you should work out on each of those machines and at what intensity. Because high isn’t the same for all.

High intensity cardio should never be comfortable!

So if you are not a fan of extreme effort you should stick to other types of cardio. If you like pushing yourself to the extreme and getting quicker results then high intensity cardio is just for you.


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