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Published on December 21st, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Fitness – Trying Too Hard

When you go to the gym it is usually with a plan in mind. You maybe want to increase your musculature’s volume, you may want to lose some weight or you might just want to stay as fit as you currently are. Whatever the reason you expect results when you are toiling over an exercise machine. That’s why many people feel extremely disappointed when their exercising doesn’t bring them any results. There are many reasons why this might be happening and in this article we will try to cover most of those.

What are you doing wrong?

The most important reason why you probably aren’t getting any results is because you work out too hard. If you exercise for too long or do exercises that are too difficult for you then your body won’t be able to create more musculature. This happens because exercising your muscles too much causes them to break down.

When you exercise you aren’t actually building muscles at that moment. You are breaking and tearing them. When you rest after that damage has been done, your body fixes up the breaks and tears, making sure your muscle is stronger now to last another such training session. So we actually build muscles when we REST after exercise.

If you exercise too much, you deplete your body’s resources which it uses to build up your muscles. If you break down your muscles more often than you let them rest then you will actually damage and lose your muscles, even though you are working out more than other people.

People who exercise a lot need to rest and eat a lot. Having many healthy meals and long rest is the only way to keep getting more muscular when you exercise a lot. You might actually become more muscular if you exercise less often and rest a bit more.

Make sure you don’t sacrifice your sleep to go to the gym. People often steal away some hours of their nighttime sleep to go to the gym. This is often the case with parents or people who have very demanding jobs. Sadly doing exercise and then not sleeping enough won’t help you grow more muscle.

When you exercise you have to remember to raise your calorific intake (if you are a normal weight person). If you don’t increase your meal size your body won’t be able to find the protein it needs to build muscle. That way exercise might actually cause you more harm than benefit.

If you are overweight or obese you have to be careful not to overdo it in the gym, because your extra weight already makes exercise harder than it would be for a lean person. Working too hard when overweight can cause you injury.

What to do about it!

First of all take it easy. Don’t stop exercising, but perhaps plan out your session to be a bit easier or have a few less sessions if you are one to go to the gym daily.

Make sure you get enough sleep. You need at least 8 hours of sleep if you are working out hard. This might differ a bit from person to person, but anything beneath 6 hours will have consequences on your fitness and health. Do not exercise immediately before going to sleep, because that might cause you insomnia because of all the excitement. Give yourself at least an hour to wind down.

Make sure you eat and drink enough and correctly. Don’t take all your fluids in the form of beverages, make sure at least half your liquids are consumed as simple water. When choosing your meals make sure you eat enough protein. If you are trying to lose weight then you should still be sure your diet contains some pure lean protein, perhaps in the form of chicken or soy.

In the end it is all about how you feel. When you are tired rest and when you are stressed relax. Do not push yourself too hard and remember to warm up and wind down properly after exercise.

In the end working out too much might just be a waste of time. If nothing seems to help get some professional advice on your exercise regime and change some things around.

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