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Published on April 18th, 2014 | by Joe Starks


Exercise Spotlight: Wrestling

Wrestling is one of the most innate sports there are. Every human being, be it woman or man, tried at some time to test their strength against another. We wrestle as kids with parents, sibling and friends. Wrestling, as a sport, is first documented in Sumerian scripts, over 5000 years ago. We see it later in Egyptian art.

Most of us know wrestling as a sport the ancient Greeks adored. It was the last event of the Olympic Pentathlon and certainly the most thrilling one. Wrestling was a whole way of life and a sport favored by rich and poor alike. It comes as no surprise that wrestling has remained a very popular sport even today. In this article we’ll look at the benefits that come from wrestling and what kind of training is needed.

How to Train for Wrestling

The main attributes you need to become a successful wrestler are speed and strength. Muscle hypertrophy isn’t as important as it might seem at first. Strong muscles aren’t always “huge” muscles. Extreme muscle bulk will hinder speed and efficiency. To be a wrestler you need to have functional muscle mass, so don’t even think that cheating will get you anywhere.

The only way to become a good wrestler is to train hard. The aim of wrestling is to make the opponent touch the ground with his/her knees, hips, back or stomach. There are very strict rules about which kind of grips and moves are allowed and which are not.

Wrestling is all about whole-body strength. You don’t need great endurance to be able to wrestle, but some running and aerobic exercise in general is important for conditioning. Weight lifting is of course absolutely necessary, but still, the main parts of wrestling training are floor exercises and wrestling itself.

You simply can’t be a good wrestler without actually having a lot of matches with various other wrestlers. Your body needs to learn to use strength in the right way and that can only be achieved by hands on experience.

Benefits of Wrestling

There are plenty of benefits that come with wrestling. Aside from making your body look great like a Greek God, wrestling is also very good for your mental strength. From wrestling you can learn:

  • Discipline. The training needed to become a wrestler demand sacrifices and hard work. It isn’t always pleasant, so you teach yourself to work through difficulties to reach a greater goal. This discipline is important for many aspects of life.
  • Mental Strength. Fighting muscular wrestlers can be intimidating. Overcoming that natural fear can make you grow mentally and hone your competitive spirit.
  • Sportsmanship. Learning how to respect your fellow wrestlers and compete respectfully is important for all wrestlers. You will learn to respect and compete with consideration for your fellow athlete.
  • Self-Confidence. Learning to wrestle can be very good for building confidence together with muscle. Becoming stronger and winning a few matches can do any ego some good.

Wrestling is not a sport for young children and elderly people. It is high impact and can cause injuries if not done carefully. Wrestling is best for teenagers and young adults. Never wrestle without professional training or professional supervision. This is a sport with many injury risks, so always be careful and train your strength gradually.

Before you choose to start learning to wrestle, you should have a talk with your potential trainer, so you can see if you see eye-to-eye. Like in most sports, not all trainers are the same and some might be too competitive or too passive for you. Don’t commit yourself before you are sure that you have found a gym that will give you what you want, be it a few friendly matches or hardcore competitive training.

Wrestling can be an amazingly gratifying sport. Growing in strength and testing it in fair combat against others who strive to become great wrestlers as well. It is not for everyone, but it can do a great deal of physical and mental good to anyone who tries to get a hand of it. Wrestling is a sport that comes natural to us humans and its popularity is well deserved.


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