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Published on November 10th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Exercise Spotlight: Weightlifting

It is a sport probably as ancient as humanity itself. Lifting heavy objects to increase your muscle mass is natural to humans and training this ability has always been part of our lives, from caveman to modern gym rat. There is a lot of controversy out there about the competitive side of weightlifting, since it is often considered a sport that leads to physical enhancement drugs. It is true that the high end competition often include a majority of athletes that simply can’t have trained their bulky muscles naturally. This does not mean that the simple sport of weightlifting is to blame though. Let’s have an unbiased look at this activity.

Benefits of Weightlifting

We lift weights all our lives. From the moment we are strong enough we lift out baby toys and learn to lift ourselves. We constantly place and displace items of various sizes as well throughout our lives. All of us naturally are good at lifting moderate weights. Training this ability does offer many daily benefits.

Just by teaching your muscles to lift weights longer and to be able to lift heavier items, you can work better all day long. Work and chores tire you less if you have trained your muscles to lift weights.

You do not need to join a gym to lift weights. You can buy professional weights or just lift anything that suits you for enough sets. Lifting your own body weight by pulling yourself up a metal bar can be just as great a weight lifting exercise. A very heavy individual can walk and jog and it will count as weight lifting.

Growing stronger muscles is one of the benefits of weight lifting, but there are more. You get a stronger bone structure because of the minor impact and general movement. You metabolism increases when you gain muscle and when you exercise, so you will burn more calories.

Everybody can weight lift. The question is how heavy those weights should be for you and what stance you should take while lifting weights. It is always best to lift weights while using your back as little as possible. Lifting weights on gym machines can be quite safe if you have a professional teach you how to do it properly

Downsides of Weightlifting

Sadly there are plenty of downsides to weight lifting. It is a sport that can easily damage your back. You absolutely have to be careful when you choose the actual weight you’ll be lifting. It is best to lift lighter than to overexert yourself. Never lift weights while your muscles are cold. It is extremely easy to tear a muscle if you do so.

Sadly weightlifting is one of those sports you should NEVER have a child do. Children can develop serious back problems and even have their growth hindered by weightlifting. It is an adult’s sport and should remain so. Children will exercise enough just by being active children.

The competitive side of weightlifting is a rather dark are of sports. It is sadly true that steroids can increase your weightlifting prowess incredibly in a very short time. This leads most athletes to cheat and makes the whole scene impossible to enter as a natural athlete. There are serious all natural competitions out there for those who aren’t cheaters.

The best thing is to steer clear from any gym where somebody offers you drugs. They might not kill you in the near future, but they will shorten your life, wither your fertility and turn you into a sorry cheat. Growing muscles is all about being diligent and strong. There is no fast way to victory in true sports.

So, if you are into weightlifting, remember to stay away from drugs and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating well will help you grow muscles naturally and offer you the physique of a Greek sun god (or goddess).

Weightlifting can be a very healthy exercise to do on the side or to add to your regime. If you are into cardio then some light weights can add some difficulty to your session. Remember not to overdo it and to add weight steadily and slowly. There is no hurry when it comes to creating the perfect body!


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