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Published on April 30th, 2014 | by Joe Starks


Exercise Spotlight: Water Skiing

Strapping two skis on your feet and sliding over the waves can be an immensely fun and liberating experience. Water Skiing is a very recent sport, which was born in 1922, when Ralph Samuelson first used two pine boards and skied on Lake Lepin. Since then the equipment has been upgraded and the boats have become faster, so Water Skiing has become more fun than ever. In this article we’ll look at the benefits and disadvantages of Water Skiing, while also checking out what kind of exercise you need to do before conquering the waves.

What is Water Skiing?

Water Skiing is a sport where you wear skis that are specifically made in such a way to make them ideal to glide on water. You hold a triangular handle bar, which is connected to a motor boat. While the boat is running, it pulls your with it, while you balance on the skis.

The hardest part is to learn to withstand the force of the boat with sheer arm power, while keeping your core straight. You need to push against the water surface with your legs, which takes a lot of strength as well.

You should not be disappointed if you fail at the very start the first few times. This is part of the normal learning curve. The hardest part is at the beginning and afterwards it only gets easier.

Benefits of Water Skiing

While Water Skiing is great to improve your fitness, its benefits go beyond that. For instance, Water Skiing:

  • Can relieve stress. You are at the beach or lake, playing in the water and getting some adrenaline pumping. All this can help anyone feel excited, while also forgetting about everyday troubles.
  • Tones every single muscle. Your legs keep you in balance and your arms keep you connected to the boat, so your whole body works very hard to keep you upright. Water Skiing is a great exercise.
  • Can bring you in touch with new people. Socializing on the beach with other fit people can be an amazing experience and let’s admit it, a hot one as well! Who doesn’t want to be around fit bikini babes and muscular Speedo men?
  • Can turn a boring vacation into an exciting one. Usually beachfront vacations can be very slow and uneventful. So, Water Skiing can add some flavor and adventure to your relaxing holidays.

Generally, most people enjoy the experience thoroughly. Even when you don’t manage to learn to Water Ski, you still will have some funny stories to tell.

Disadvantages of Water Skiing

Sadly, Water Skiing is a sport with plenty of disadvantages. Some of these are:

  • It can be very expensive. Not only do most of us have to travel to a beach or lake to do it, but the fees themselves are usually high.
  • You will be very sore at first. Water Skiing is rigorous exercise and people who aren’t used to it will feel the consequences. Some of us don’t appreciate being sore during half of our vacation.
  • It is uncomfortable for obese people. This does not mean that it is impossible to do for seriously overweight people, but being stared at by a whole beach while trying to water ski can be difficult.
  • It should not be done by the very young or the elderly. Falling into the sea can hurt at the speed the boat is dragging you. The impact isn’t safe for young children and old people.
  • People with health problems should avoid it. If you are sick or suffer from chronic conditions, ask your GP first before you start Water Skiing.

Generally, the ideal candidate for Water Skiing is a man/woman in good health, of normal weight and between the ages of 15-60. If you find yourself to be such a person you should go ahead and try Water Skiing out during your next vacation. It will certainly be an experience to remember!

Make sure you wear sunscreen on your skin when Water Skiing, because you might get bad sunburn all those hours out at the beach. Sunburn can be a cause for skin cancer, so you really don’t want to play around with your health. Reapply sunscreen every time you fall into the water, to be safe.


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