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Published on October 5th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Exercise Spotlight: Boxing

Boxing is most probably one of the first sports humans played since ancient times. Two people lifting their fists against each other in play is as simple as it can get and we have plenty of historical records that show that the ancient Greeks often had boxing matches. Boxing was even mentioned in the Iliad by Homer and it was included as a sport in the Olympic Games, because it was though that the Gods of Olympus boxed with each other. Boxing existed also in ancient Rome, but it became unpopular after the fall of the Roman Empire. It was later revived by the British during the 18th century and has remained popular until this day.

What is boxing?

Boxing is a quite simple sport, yet nonetheless interesting and fascinating for many who adore it all over the world. The basic idea is that two men (or women in recent years) fight against each other with the use of the fists only. Their fists are covered with soft, big gloves as to soften the blows and prevent hand bones from breaking. In modern times these games take place inside a square ring and the rounds last 3 minutes each with a one minute interval in between. The number of rounds in each match is predetermined, but if at any time one of the boxers can’t continue to fight the match ends there.

Boxing needs an extremely good physique and very hard training, because muscles power is everything when it comes to boxing. Boxers have to train extremely hard to be good at what they do and be mentally prepared for a less than pleasant experience on the ring. This sport has raised a lot of controversy, because in many occasions it has been fatal to the sportsmen involved, either immediately or later on in their lives. It isn’t rare that boxers walk away from a match with serious injuries in need of medical attention and even very successful boxers like Muhammad Ali have medical problems thanks to their long careers.

Benefits of boxing

Boxing might be a very dangerous and controversial sport, but it does have plenty of benefits for the boxer too as a workout regime. Some of these are the following:

  • Extremely good workout. Boxing works out the whole body and can give you an excellent musculature definition. Even just doing the boxing training without the matches will give you great muscle tone and strength.
  • It is a strength building sport. Your muscles won’t just be bloated meat for show; you will actually pack a punch and be quite powerful in general thanks to the actual strength training going on in a boxing club.
  • Many people find aggressive sports to be a very civilized way to vent their frustration and anger. You always pick on people your own size and can experience primal violence in a safer form. It can boost confidence in both women and men alike.

Dangers of Boxing

This sport is actually quite dangerous and people should seriously consider their options before going to a box club. The reasons for that are:

  • Extremely high impact sport. Actually there are very few sports that are higher impact than boxing. It is NOT good for children or elderly people. Only young, strong people should attempt real boxing. If you suffer from any long term illness at all you should not think about doing boxing.
  • Very dangerous even when done right. Even if you follow all the rules, there are still high chances you will be in quite a bit of pain after a match and quite high chances you will have long term problems if you box for many years.
  • Very hard. Correct boxing training is extremely hard and needs the mentality of a bodybuilder, not just a sportsman. You have to sacrifice a lot for great boxing performance.

Of course there are milder versions of boxing, down to the basic boxer’s training without any actual matches, for those who want only the muscles, not the fights. If you have a passion about becoming a boxer, try out the training sessions first and join a casual club to get properly introduced to the sport. Make sure your trainers are professionals and take care of your health properly. Do not be ashamed to say no to a fight you are afraid to lose painfully. It is a wise thing to know when you are outmatched when it comes to box.

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