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Published on November 30th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Can Training Ruin Your Life?!

We usually see training as something absolutely positive, that makes us look better and improves our health. Training is recommended on every health related site and all doctors do tell you to move more usually. Is training really that much of an amazing pastime or can it ruin your life both emotionally and physically as well? Sadly the answer to that is yes. Training can be devastating for some people, especially if you haven’t planned ahead for the consequences.

Training and your social life

When you start relationships as an unfit person and suddenly decide to train hard, you can expect very serious consequences. Rarely your spouse, lover or friend will be thrilled for you, but more often they will feel neglected or put aside by you.

Training takes up time. This time has to be taken away from some people that depend on you. Especially partners and children will miss that time you spend training. You can’t include kids in your training all the time and that means that some poor family member will have to step in and watch them while you are training. Some family members might feel that you abuse their willingness to help, so that you can throw your own responsibilities on someone else’s shoulder.

You should never train during time you should spend watching your children and you should not sacrifice alone time with your partner for your training. There are ways to still give your body the attention it needs, without having to make others around you feel neglected. When your children are very young you should realize that for a couple of years you can’t just slip away for hours and depend on others. They are YOUR children and YOU are responsible. Share that responsibility with the other parent whenever possible, but never give your partner more than their fair share for your own benefit.

If your partner is willing to do more than their share then make sure you return the favor in other ways. Giving your partner very dense quality time can sometimes make up for the loss of long hours together. Having your partner join in with your training can be a fun way to bond again as well, but not all partners are ready for that.

When your kids are young you should simply be a little bit patient until they grow up enough to have hobbies and school, which will give you ample time to train. Training very early in the morning or late at night can work as well.

Training and your health

When it comes to your health, training can also cause some harm sadly. There are two ways in which this can happen: you can get injured or you over trained. Injuries will happen when you train very intensively, but if you take the right precautions you can avoid most injuries. Always warm up before training and give yourself time to cool down after each session. Don’t train when you are ill, extremely stressed or absent minded.

As far as over training is concerned, you should learn your own limits and never surpass them too much. Nobody became an athlete in a month, so don’t push yourself to the extreme. Muscles can tear apart and bones can break, which can be the end of you training forever. So, be patient, push your limits slowly and never rush difficult exercises.

Keep the most dangerous exercises of your regime for the middle of your session when you are warm and not too tired. Do more safe exercises and less dangerous ones. If you can you should skip dangerous exercises generally. Choosing aerobic over anaerobic sports can do wonders in preventing training related injuries for you.

Balance above all

You can’t become an athlete without sacrifices. You have to make sure that those sacrifices are your own though and not somebody else’s. Sacrifice your own time and your own strength, not your partner’s or your child’s. Be responsible when you decide to train more in your life. You need your family and friends just as much as you need exercise. Always be open with your partner and make sure that whatever sacrifice they make for your training is repaid fully in any way you decide together. If that means more fatigue for you, then you should incorporate that effort into your training mentality as well.

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