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Published on August 18th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


5 Tips to Become Fitter This month

Having rare spurts of activity is something that happens to all unfit people once in a while. The difference between that and being fit is obviously the time investment and the quality of the exercise. But how can you turn those rare events of activity into a fit lifestyle? The truth is that it is quite difficult. Not only is it hard to do it physically, but it is also a great mental challenge. Lasting for a week or even a couple of months won’t be nearly enough for you to have a healthy life. Sacrifices will need to be made to gain something as important as fitness and improved health. The bright side is that you will feel great satisfaction in your new lifestyle, a kind of happiness born only from continuous struggle and triumph. Think of the best things that have happened to you, a relationship, a degree, a great event or anything like that, you will realize all the things you appreciate a lot are those you have to work hard for.

How to start

To begin living a new life you must know what you are in for. It makes the change much easier when you are mentally prepared for it. Here are some tips on how to plan this journey ahead:

  1. Make sure it is what you want. Being fit means you will never again eat this much and move this little for such a long time. You must say goodbye to all those comfortable moments of doing nothing except eating. It might sound like an easy choice, often because of unfounded guilt, but you should not underestimate the joy of overeating, it is this that pulls many people back into old habits. You will have to sacrifice this joy in favor of the joy of a longer, fitter life.
  2. A fit life takes years to get used to. Fitness doesn’t stop the moment your muscles look right and the scales tell you what you want. Complacency of success takes often over, which will drive you back to those comfortable days of doing less and eating more.
  3. Slow is the only way to go. You just can’t rush your fitness journey, simply because there is no real end to it; fitness is a lifetime commitment and represents a shift in lifestyle. You must realize that overexerting yourself will only hold you back. Fit people do not overwork themselves and neither should you.
  4. Eat well, not just what advertisements say is good for you. Eating healthily isn’t that pristine picture of a skinny girl eating yoghurt, corn flakes and salads. If you ate like that you’d die either of boredom or nutrition deficiency. A good diet feeds your emotions too. Start with replacing the worst part of your diet with something you miss in your diet. For instance exchange your daily candy bar with an apple, or the weekly hamburger fest with a homemade sandwich. Good eating is conscious, happy eating.
  5. Work from the bottom up. No matter how much you want to compete, you should be conscious of what your body can actually handle. You will improve fast enough if you stay on track, so there is no need to try something you are not ready for yet. It is safer to start training with unfit groups of people, or to do exercises that don’t have a lot of impact.

How to keep going

Starting is the easy part for most people that have successfully changed their lifestyle into a healthier one. How to keep going is the question that bothers most. Diets often fail at the end not at the beginning, when people put back all those pounds within months of weeks and years of hard work go down the drain. Do not be afraid though, it is doable and there are ways to try and avoid this tragedy. Never forget how good it feels to be lighter and stronger. The moment you gain anything above four pounds you should plan a short diet to get you back on track. Have this diet planned beforehand and do not forget to weigh in weekly. By staying conscious of your weight and habits you can keep that body you worked so hard for.

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