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Published on December 2nd, 2013 | by Joe Starks


5 Activities You Didn’t Know Were Exercises

It is true that you need to exercise at least 3 hours a week for your lifestyle to be considered normal and not sedentary. Most people immediately think that this means three hours in the gym or running in the park. Thankfully, while continuous, dedicated exercise does have its benefits, even small bouts of physical effort are enough if you aim to get that 3 hour activity done. This article is all about doing small, everyday things and getting your exercise done that way. Many of us do not have the time to add three hours of pure exercise to our plans. Here are some activities you do or can do to make you exercise more.

The 5 tips list

Often we forget that many types of physical effort can be considered exercise if done in a certain way. This list takes some everyday necessary actions and shows you how beneficial they can be for your physique:

  1. Tidying up the House. During the week you will misplace many items and cause a mess in your home. This is even worse when there are many visitors or kids involved. Just by having a designated day of the week when you put things back in their place can burn some serious calories and will make your house look great as well. Make sure you don’t avoid movement while tidying up and you’ll feel the burn.
  2. Extreme Grocery Shopping. Park in furthest away spot from the entrance to the super market. Don’t take a shopping cart and carry your own shopping to your car. This will make you walk a bit further, as well as make you weight lift a bit. This might not seem like much but it can mean a 2-4 pounds weight loss over a year.
  3. Cleaning the car. Having a clean car is a matter of prestige and good outward appearance. People respect you more when you drive a clean and tidy car, rather than when your car is spotted with mud and filled with candy wrappers and yesterday’s work. Cleaning the car thoroughly can count as a whole hour of exercise if it is done properly. Some men especially turn the whole car cleaning process into a fun hobby.
  4. Sitting on an exercise ball. Think of all the places where you sit over an hour every day. The office, the television and your home desk are probably what will come in mind. Place a large exercise ball instead of your usually seat and you will exercise your bottom without even noticing it. The exercise ball makes you balance the whole time you are sitting on it, giving you a gentle workout.
  5. Gardening. Perhaps instead of spending your money and time in the gym it is time to do some gardening instead? Gardening can be extreme exercise if done properly. Turn your yard into a pretty garden by tending for some flower bushes, mowing your lawn and adding a few small trees. If you live in a house without a garden you can always create a little garden on your balcony or in front of a window. Tending for plants relieves a lot of stress and feels very rewarding, because you have a very beautiful outcome in the end.

As you can see there are many practical ways to address your exercise need, without having to make a lot of time for pure exercise session with trainers and equipment. For those of us that do not like dedicated exercise these simple day to day actions can improve our lifestyle and waistline as well.

Remember, as long as you put some extra physical effort into it any chore can be an exercise. Washing dishes, taking out the trash, walking around in your house… even if you just lift a bottle of water in your hand while watching television. Anything goes as long as it is physical activity.

If you’re watching a lot of television or playing a lot of computer games, then remember to stand up from your seat often and do some light movements. Sitting in the same position, especially when you’re doing something mentally engaging, can cause you to get stiff muscles. Stand up, turn your waist a bit and move your head around. This way you will feel less tired afterwards and you will also burn more calories. Even small tasks like cooking a meal can be exercise if you would have ordered take away instead. The secret is to think of things you could do without ruining your lifestyle and implementing them into your everyday routine.

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