Training 3 High-Octane Ways to Boost Sports Performance

Published on February 9th, 2013 | by Nick Coe


3 High-Octane Ways to Boost Sports Performance

1) Employ Visualization Techniques

You exercise your brain first before anything else. Every single strand of muscle tissue gets its commands from the central nervous system. Countless reports show that athletes who envision themselves before competition show improved agility, and endurance. It’s a fact. By taking the time to really practice visualization techniques, you’re prepping your body for what is to come.

3 Tips on Using Visualization

  1. Crystallize the details – Don’t settle for fragmented glimpses of yourself performing or competing. Smell the grass, taste the air, and feel what it will be like to win. Hear the cheer of the crowd, listen to the squeaking shoes on the court, and really get as specific as possible.
  2. Be Dedicated – The more you practice, the better it will get, and the more pleasurable too. As you increase your mental capacity, your body will follow suit. There is a lot to be said for the new age philosophy that we attract and experience what we think on a regular basis. What’s the worst that could happen if you vividly visualize yourself winning three times a week?
  3. Be Bold – There are no boundaries here. There is no visualization rule book that says everything should seem plausible. Don’t be afraid to visualize yourself leaping extremely high, running like a cheetah, and grinding on like a machine. The point is to communicate to your muscles and subconscious that you’re going to perform like a mighty athlete.

2) Fitness Goal Setting & Getting

Goal setting is one of the most powerful assets of any athlete. Having a structured plan in place to facilitate a gradual ascent to excellence is a recipe for getting there. Every serious coach in the world asks their team to practice goal setting and getting techniques, because they work wonder, not only on the field but in life.

3 Tips on Setting & Getting Goals

  1. Become a Writer – Not writing down goals is incredibly self defeating. Think them, say them, and then write them down. Additionally, very wise people decide to keep a journal, and record the journey so they can look back and have a better idea of not only how far they have come, but where they are going. No one is saying you need to be a wordsmith, the point is just to write them down to reinforce and solidify them in place.
  2. Be Specific – General goals are failures waiting to happen. The universe doesn’t deal in specifics. Rather than simply saying, “My goal is to be a better athlete”, try to be more specific. What do you mean by better? Faster? How and why? More agile? A team leader? What? No journey’s can happen without steps, and a plan.
  3. Affirmations – Affirmations are statements of fact, not “I’d like to be hit a homerun.” When do you want to hit one? Where will the ball go? How far? Try, “I’m going to hit a homerun today.” Take some time to study affirmations and you’ll soon discover they are used by literally every single top performing and world renowned athlete in the world.

3) Study Your Craft

Knowledge is more than power, it’s an asset you can bank on. If you play basketball, study the history of it and gain a new appreciation; if you’re into competition body building, study physiology. Take time to study the very best in your sport. Sports performance really begins to leap forward when you take it seriously. The more you know, the more you can demonstrate.

Visualize increased performance, build goals around it, and study your craft. If done regularly until a productive habit forms, then you’re well on your way to overshooting your expectations by a mile.


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