Training Cardio Workouts at Home

Published on April 16th, 2013 | by Nick Coe


11 Cardio Workouts You Can Do at Home

To be a good athlete you need to have a strong body. But a strong body without an equally strong heart to support it is useless and only fit for show. Unless you want your abs and glutes just for the beach, you should spend some of your gym time doing cardio, a.k.a. heart exercises.

For some intense cardio you need only your own body weight and muscle strength. Gym equipment and fancy stadiums are all fine and good, but when it comes down to it, you only need determination and a bit of space. Cardio fitness exercises can be simple and effective even in the comfort of your own home. Not all of us like the gym environment, or to sweat in front of strangers in the park. Here are some tried and tested cardio exercises for you to do at home:

  • Burpees train your upper and lower body. They will get your heart rate up in no time.

  • Jumping Jacks. Do only a minute of those and your heart will be pumping hard.

  • High knees. Raise your knees to your chest while standing one by one.
  • Pendulum swings. Swing your whole leg back and forth rhythmically. This trains your glutes and legs in general.

  • Lateral Jumps. These exercise your whole body, but with higher focus on the legs.
  • Jumping Rope. Done by boxers and other athletes who want strong muscles, rope jumping is an awesome Cardio exercise.
  • March in place. March in a rhythm that works you out well.
  • Jump squats. A very tiring but also very rewarding exercise. Jumping up and landing in a squat will train your balance and leg muscles just fine.
  • Step up. Go to any stairs and walk up and down the first step until you get tired.
  • Pushups. If done quickly in succession you can get some Cardio out of your pushups.
  • Side Lunges. Stepping (or jumping if you can) from side to side offers a good balance workout.

If you do at least five of those exercises every day in short intervals you won’t only have a stronger heart, but also much stronger muscles. It is best to choose a set of exercises that exercise your whole body for a better workout. Also remember that the home offers plenty of its own unique exercises. Doing chores like washing the car, repairing the house etc can get your heart racing if you do them intensely.

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