Nutrition Yummy Snacks With The Caveman Diet

Published on February 8th, 2013 | by Nick Coe


Yummy Snacks With The Caveman Diet

While the modern person has evolved from a hairy, hunched over caveman, we might not be as different from our ancient ancestors as we think. Despite evolution, our basic needs are still the same. This is why many people are switching to a diet that includes only foods prehistoric civilizations could eat. Saying goodbye to sugar and trans fats means saying hello to a stronger, leaner you. However, cutting out junk food is difficult when you feel like a sugar fix or are relying on a vending machine for your snacks. Paleo snack ideas are available to help you stick to this caveman diet.

Easy Paleo Snack Ideas

Following the diet of hunters and gatherers is simple when you do not have to forage for food and can go to the grocery store. This basic diet offers many snacks in the produce aisle. There is no preparation required for many fruits and vegetables, and they have various health benefits. These antioxidant and vitamin rich items are staples of any food group, but most people do not get the required serving. Bringing fruits and vegetables to work for a snack ensures you will get enough nutrients and lessens the temptation for a vending machine run.

Fruits allow you to indulge in a sweet tooth without hurting your diet. Apples, bananas and oranges are easy to consume during the day and when on the go. Using berries, kiwis, mangoes and more at night allows you to make fruit salad for the whole family as a healthy snack before dinner. While fruit is acceptable on the Paleo diet, fruit juice and foods that claim to have real fruit are probably not. Many of these items will have fructose corn syrup and sugar, which the body does not need.

Vegetables like carrots and celery are common snack foods for a reason. Premade snack packs of these veggies are everywhere, and it is also simple to prepare them yourself. Carrots are full of minerals and help with vision, and celery is so low in calories that it pairs perfectly with losing weight.

Seeds and nuts are a few items that replace starches and grains when using the Paleo diet. Nuts and seeds provide good fat and can also contain protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Experiment with nuts and seeds by making different trail mixes for snacks. This will help you identify what you like, and you can add fruit too. This snack is perfect for building energy before exercising or for when you want to munch on something while sitting in front of the TV.

Fun Snacks

Your options are not limited on the Paleo diet. You can still experience interesting flavors and foods you have not tried before. One unique snack option is chocolate covered bacon. This snack is simple to make since it uses only a few ingredients and will not ruin your healthy lifestyle when eaten in moderation. Using dark chocolate and lean bacon helps keep the food from being too fattening. Even your friends who are not on the Paleo diet will be happy to share this snack with you.

You probably have not encountered seaweed before the Paleo diet, but this yummy seasoned seaweed is good for you. Seawood is loaded with nutrients and helps the thyroid gland function normally. You can make this recipe fast, and the salty flavor will satisfy anyone who misses chips and popcorn.

Quick Options

Whether you are swamped at work or busy with children, there are always times when you cannot prepare your own food. Ready made snack foods for the Paleo diet are available when you are low on time. You may be able to find items in the grocery store, but sites like PaleoPax cater to this diet. Energy bars, tuna jerky and granola are a few examples of snack options you can purchase. These items are helpful for when you are on the move but low on energy or for when the kids get home from school.

New Twists On Old Recipes

Dairy is usually not eaten on the Paleo diet, but this is hardly noticeable when you can use substitutes and still get the tastes you enjoy. This recipe for spinach artichoke dip uses cashew cream instead of cheese. It is similar to cheese in taste and texture and has been used for a while in vegan foods. This recipe is nutritious as well as delicious, and you can dip vegetables instead of grains. This is healthier and adds more flavor.

Those who love treats may dread a Paleo lifestyle because it seems impossible to make an appropriate dessert. However, this chocolate snack cake is only one example of the healthier yet still sweet desserts you can devour. This recipe uses coconut oil instead of sugar and applesauce instead of butter, but your taste-buds will not mind the change of ingredients.

Enjoy The Benefits and Snack Healthy

Prehistoric societies had little choice in what they ate and survived on what they could find. You have more opportunities today, but this does not mean you should splurge on anything that looks good at the store. Foods have evolved faster than humans and are filled with additives the body does not need. This diet produces weight loss and reduces the risk of many diseases, and you can still eat well-balanced meals and snacks. These Paleo snack ideas make it even easier to stick to this diet. You will reap the rewards because of all the healthy, interesting and delicious options.

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