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Published on February 8th, 2014 | by Joe Starks


Morbid Obesity – Take Back Your Life: Diets!

When you’ve reached a weight that is certain to cause you social and physical complications the first solution we think of is going on a diet. The word diet itself has a negative connotation to it, since media have abused its meaning to sell worthless advice to people who are desperate to get thinner. Thinking of a diet as a restrictive dogma of how to eat is the opposite of what a real diet should be. A real diet has to be a way of life that helps you achieve YOUR goals, not a set of rules to torture you.

How to create your own diet

The healthiest thing to do is to create your own customized diet, which suits you and your needs best. Most diets are one size fits all and we simply know this doesn’t work. Not everyone got heavy for the same reasons. Some of us snack all day; others overeat in a single meal, while some may just overeat a tiny bit everyday for years. It is obvious that no one diet can help all these people the same.

The first step to make your own diet is to find your greatest problems. What is making YOU fat? Don’t think about what the media says etc, just find what makes you eat more than you need. To do this, ask yourself these questions:

  • When did I start getting heavy? Was I always overweight or did something change at some point of my life? How can I reverse this damage done to me at that point? Once you find where it all begun, whether it was trauma, lack of control or bad habits of our parents, we know what to tackle in our behaviour.
  • Why didn’t I stop getting heavier earlier? All people gain and lose weight daily. Even thin people gain a pound and lose a pound once in a while after a feast. So, why didn’t you stop gaining weight earlier? Where you too comfortable, or too depressed? Did you avoid reality, or did reality paralyze you? Find what part of yourself isn’t warning you to lose weight when you need to. If you find this you know it will be harder to gain more weight again.
  • Why do I want to lose weight now? You reached this weight now, but what is it that makes you want to try now? Is it your family, your self esteem or some other pressing responsibility? Do you feel ill and are afraid of complications? Whatever the reason you have to be clear about it in your mind. This way you know why you should not overeat next time you feel tempted.

After finding out the true answers to these questions you have to decide on how you want to lose weight. There are three viable ways:

  1. Exercise more and eat the same (this only works if you exercise more than you overeat, which is extremely unlikely)
  2. Eat less
  3. Exercise more and eat less

Usually number three offers the fastest results. When it comes to what to eat and what to avoid remember this:

  • No single type of food made you heavy. Calories are the same whether you got them from sugar, protein or fat. The important thing is not to eat too much of any of those three.
  • What do you picture your ideal self eating? Imagine you are at your goal weight. What would that slender person like to eat? When would they say no and when yes. Remember this ideal person wants to keep fit.
  • If a diet is already labelled as a fad diet better keep away. Fad diets are rarely successful in people who have over 20 pounds to lose. You simply can’t do crazy stuff like starving and eating only one food for more than a month or so without feeling bad.
  • Think of a person that depends on you and imagine what you would want to feed them. Think of a toddler or a 6-year-old that needs you to feed them. Would you really give them the food you eat? What advice would you give them? Try to eat the food you’d give to a person that needs your advice.
  • Don’t rush. You got heavy over many years and it will take many years to get it all off. Cut down your portions a tiny bit every day or week. Remove a snack at first and then start trimming your meals. It will work in time!

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