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Published on November 28th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Flexible Meal Plans: How to Keep Your Healthy Diet Forever Interesting

The sad truth is that most diets end up being boring after a short while. Some you can’t even stand on the very first day, while others end up being a chore in a few weeks. This can seriously dampen your mood and nobody needs a bad mood when they are trying to slim down. There are ways to keep your diet interesting and still lose the pounds while eating them.

The opposite of boring

First of all, we have to agree on the fact that everybody considers different diets boring. Some people actually love the typical nutritionist’s meal plan, filled with fruit days and tasteless protein sources. Other people can’t stand eating the same thing twice in a week or even a month. When you are trying to make your meal plan interesting you first have to find out what exactly would bore you.

Something many people consider boring in their diets is how watery many diet foods taste. Fruit, vegetables and a lack of saturated fat usually give food a watery taste, which can be refreshing once in a while, but most can’t stand to eat constantly. To tackle this you should have a list of diet foods that don’t taste watery at all. For instance almonds and other unsalted nuts can be a good diversion from the usual watery meals. Adding a single spoon of corn flour into your salsa and soups can make them thicker and easier to stomach as well for very few calories.

Many people simply can’t stand the color green being predominant on their plates. If green bothers you then make sure to coat your salads and vegetables with fresh tomato sauce and sprinkles of white cheese. Just by seeing less green you will often feel like you are having a “better” meal.

Never fall into the trap of following a strict weekly plan. You simply can’t forsake all other food forever and you need to incorporate your future eating plan into your diet. So, think about how you’ll eat when you are thin and turn your diet into a miniature version of that. If you are very overweight, then eating like you’d want to eat as a lean person can be your diet. This means that you absolutely have to include things you crave into your meals.

What is allowed?

In a diverse and interesting diet you should allow everything you like. This is why you need to educate yourself on portion sizes. Think about what size of burger is the right one for your lean self. How many ribs or chicken pieces would your thin self eat? Once you realize how much fatty food a thin person can eat without gaining weight you have to get used to those portions.

It will be far less satisfying to you than your fat portions until you lose all the weight but when you are thin for a while you will feel satisfied with those portions. If there aren’t small enough portions at the restaurant you like you can always share with a friend or take the rest home for the next day.

It is important to know what to eat when you have eaten a large meal in a day. Let’s say you already ate ¾ of your calories during lunch. What do you eat for dinner then? You have to mentally prepare yourself to have light dinners when lunch or breakfast is heavy. You can’t just eat whatever and however much you want at all meals. If you spend your calories in the morning you will have a very light dinner.

Some tips to help you on your way

  • Eat a different fruit as an afternoon snack every day. This way you can look forward for something different every day, which won’t have many calories.
  • Try new things. Eating yogurt or various vegetables you never tried before heightens your chances to find vegetables you love.
  • Give food at least 20 tries before judging its taste. New food should not be immediately judged. Try to eat it 20 times or for twenty days and make up your mind after that.
  • Find leaner foods similar to the foods you like most. Trying whole wheat breads, pasta etc can be a good way to turn your food a bit healthier. Boiled meats instead of fried can make a huge calorific difference as well for only a small change in taste. Adding a single teaspoon of butter on boiled meat can give you that fat kick without all the calories of deep fried meat.
  • Eat better not ideally. Eating perfectly is something nobody can do. Just make BETTER choices every day and you will see results.

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