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Published on October 9th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Eating Healthily on a Budget

It is a common problem that cheap food is usually the less healthy food. We go to the supermarket and it is immediately obvious that our money goes a far longer way when we buy crisps, soda and candy, than if we invested in fruit and vegetables. We all have seen what this type of economy leads us to: an obesity pandemic. As soon as cheap snacks hit its market, every nation becomes fatter and fatter. This does cost us in health bills, happiness and in years of life expectancy. We all agree that buying cheap snacks is not worth the price we pay later on, but many of us simply can’t afford the best diet food out there. So, what to do? Of course we’ve got plenty of advice for keeping the expenses low and your diet healthy.

Great foods that cost little

The secret in having a cheap, yet healthy, diet is to find those few food items that are quite healthy while also costing less. This might be a challenge for someone who is used to buying crisps and chocolate, but it is doable. Here is a good list of some foods that can improve your diet while also keeping the prices within your budget:

  • Frozen vegetables. You might think that the only good vegetable is a fresh, raw one, but in reality frozen vegetables are almost exactly as nutritious, while being considerably cheaper to buy.
  • Cheap protein. You don’t need steak and salmon to get your protein and variety. Frozen chicken breasts, canned tuna, eggs and milk can offer you a perfect combination of amino acids to keep you healthy at a lower price.
  • Buy generic food. Paying for marketing and names won’t make your diet tastier or healthier. If you buy the same food without a brand it will be much cheaper and just as good.
  • Drink tap water instead of bottled water. You should never drink your calories, so juices and sodas should slowly be excluded from your diet. Tap water is the best solution to keep yourself hydrated at a very cheap price.
  • Buying whole foods can many times be cheaper and more nutritious than buying their processed counterparts.
  • Brown rice, whole wheat pasta and oats. Eating your carbohydrates in more wholesome forms can be cheap ways to stay healthy and get some energy.
  • Greek yoghurt. It is cheap, tasty and very nutritious. You should make this a staple of your diet.
  • Make your own sweets. Baking a cake or cookies can be a very cheap way to make some light sweets. Exchanging some fatty or sugary ingredients with lighter versions will turn any treat into a healthy delight.
  • Don’t buy take-away. Take-away is mystery food in more bad ways than one. You never know what exactly is in your meal, neither when it comes to nutritional value or calories. This ay you simply can’t have control over your health and weight. Once off the stuff you’ll soon forget to crave for it.

There are plenty more ways to lower the prices of your meals, while also increasing their nutritional value, but the above mentioned solutions are a very good way to start.

Money VS health

We often think that we have to sacrifice our health because our budget simply won’t allow us to live healthily. Thankfully this is just an excuse we use to keep eating fat and sugar laden foods that cause us some temporary happiness and lots of long term sorrow. This is why it is very wise to slowly replace candy bars, crisps, sodas and take-away, with healthy home-cooked meals. When you plan your meals and cook them yourself, you are taking back the control you lost somewhere on the way of getting fatter.

Eating less will already lower the number on your grocery bill and eating healthier will lower the number of your health bills. In the end the only thing you have to lose is cheap food and fat, while you have a longer, more fulfilling life to live. Eating less sugar and fat will temporarily feel depressive and painful, but in the end this will be nothing compared to the depression caused from being overweight, ill and having low confidence. Don’t settle for cheap and bad, when there is cheap and good to choose!

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