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Published on December 19th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Eat That! The Hollywood Diet

When it comes to fad diets you can be sure about one thing: whatever you get to eat you can’t possibly do so for a long time. This is why when you want to start on a fad diet you should only do so for a couple of pounds and not hope for more. Fad diets can be a way to lose a tiny bit of weight in a week to fit into a swimsuit or something, but they won’t turn you from obese to lean without a cost. The most important reason why fad diets fail is that they don’t teach you how to eat like a thin person. So, usually people return to their old ways in a few days (or hours) and gain back all the weight. In this article we’ll discuss the Hollywood diet and how successful it is in helping us lose weight.

What is the Hollywood diet?

In short the Hollywood diet is all about drinking juice. There is nothing special about this juice either. There is a bottled version you can buy and there is a recipe to follow if you want to make your own juice. The typical recipe contains:

  • Low fat vanilla soy milk
  • Orange Juice
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Yoghurt
  • Wheat Germ Oil
  • Flaxseed Oil

You put it all into the mixer and have your juice. You drink only this and water.

The juice itself is quite healthy and nutritious. It is not enough nutrition to be consumed alone though. This is why the Hollywood Diet is not a diet you should follow for over a week. You will soon suffer from malnutrition and it is extremely hard to live with the extreme hunger you will feel. The hunger is probably the worst part of the Hollywood diet since you won’t feel almost any satiation at all.

This means that people who can’t stand being extremely hungry for long should not even consider this diet or any other fad diet actually.

Benefits of the Hollywood Diet

There are a few benefits to the Hollywood diet. The most important of them are:

  • The juice by itself is a healthy drink. It contains fruit, healthy fats and soy milk, which all are part of a healthy diet.
  • If followed for a short time (a few days to two weeks) the Hollywood diet will certainly help you lose weight. You can count on losing 2-5 pounds for sure.

As mentioned before the juice might be healthy, but it isn’t nutritious enough for an adult to drink only that all day. You would end up having a lack of protein, quite a few vitamins and minerals, if you took it too far and did the Hollywood diet for a month or more. Malnutrition can vary from mild to extremely dangerous, so make sure you add some variety to your diet soon enough.

Downsides of the Hollywood Diet

As all fad diets, the Hollywood Diet has plenty of downsides to it. Some of those are:

  • Not enough nutrients in the juice to sustain you for long.
  • You get to feel extremely hungry, because you only drink fluids. Having a fluid only diet isn’t healthy for the gut either.
  • It is extremely boring and not satisfying at all. It is everything you fear from a diet: hard to keep doing and bland to taste.
  • There is no scientific evidence that drinking this juice is better than under-eating in general. This means that you could eat anything with the same low calories and you would lose the same amount of weight.

As a conclusion the Hollywood Diet has no benefit over most other fad diets. It is just as unhealthy to do for long and hard to follow like most other fad diets out there. So you can be certain you won’t be doing it for long. If you are looking for a way to lose some serious weight, then this diet is not for you. You won’t be able to keep doing this long enough to lose more than a few pounds. The Hollywood diet is one of those things you should try out when you are in a mood to lose a couple of pounds in a few days.


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