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Published on September 17th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Eat That! The “French Women don’t get Fat” Diet

In our times we’ve seen it all when it comes to fad diets and weird dieting rules. Don’t eat snacks one says, eat more snacks says another. Eat meat or don’t eat meat, drink wine or don’t drink… it is a confusion of mismatched commands like some terror child of the Bible itself. This is why, usually, less restrictive and more uplifting diet choices work better for the average person. Yes, there are people that lost weight eating hamburgers, some that did it by eating nothing and others that never got fat in the first place. This does not mean that those extremes should affect you and your future. There are plenty of ways to improve your lifestyle without succumbing to a totally different way of life, which doesn’t suit your country, culture or beliefs. One diet that tries to be less restrictive and more suggestive is the “French women don’t get fat diet”. In this article we’ll see what this diet is about, how “fad-like” it really is and if it is something that’s healthy to follow.

What is the “French women don’t get fat” diet?

This diet is all about eating like the ideal French girl (they do have weight issues in France too, so I can’t refer to the average person) and be happy while doing so. The basic idea is to eat very high quality meal, which are fresh and delicious. This includes expensive cheese, cold cut meats and other delicacies often found in Paris. The plan encourages you to eat very high quality, full-fat pastries and sweets, which are of a very high quality, but to keep the portions extremely small.

Simply put, this plan is all about eating delicious and small. Portions of the “French women don’t get fat” diet take some getting used to, especially if you are very overweight. There is a whole philosophy behind this, as you are supposed to savour your meals for as long as possible and eat small bites, which you thoroughly taste and chew.

What are the benefits of the “French women don’t get fat” diet?

There are actually some very good points to this diet. Eating small portions of delicious food does give you the right idea of how you should eat if you were thin. The quality of the food ensures that your cravings will be more for quantity rather than quality, meaning you will be hungry, but not so psychologically depressed about not eating things you like. Meals are extremely pleasurable and fun when eating like the ideal French woman, but they will keep you hungry until your weight has reached the number you want.

You do not need to calculate portions and calories like crazy, since the diet only allows very small meals that will certainly leave you at a calorific deficit at the end of the day. This makes it simple to follow, if not easy.

What are the downsides of the “French women don’t get fat” diet?

Like all diets, there are a few points that you won’t like. You will be extremely hungry when following this diet and it makes no secret of it. You need to be hungry to lose some weight, but at least the diet will keep your meal quality high. Also, you will feel fatigued and tired after a couple of weeks of eating like this, but this effect will subside once you lose a bit of weight.

Following the “French women don’t get fat” diet can be quite expensive, as processed food is not part of it and everything needs to be as high quality and pleasurable as possible. So, no crisps, candy bars, pre-prepared meal and take-away. Everything is fresh, delicious and therefore costly. This diet might not be for all pockets, but remember that servings are small, so it might just be that the mountain of processed food you won’t be buying anymore cost just as much with the tiny pile of gourmet food you’ll savour now.

So, what is the verdict?

The “French women don’t get fat” diet is actually quite balanced and healthy if you mix up the correct high quality foods. Skipping processed meals and cheap snacks is almost always beneficial in our days, since those foods tend to be low in many nutrients. You will be very hungry while following this lifestyle, but at least your meals will taste great and you will gain the confidence of a connoisseur of food, something that compared to being an over-consumer will build your skinnier character.


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