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Published on July 16th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Eat That! The Baby Food Diet

Very few of us remember what it was like when we still had no teeth and needed to gobble up jars of fruit and dairy purees. Perhaps if you had a tooth pulled out you might have experienced a few days of liquid and pureed meals, but that is nothing compared to what the baby food diet is suggesting you should do. Swallowing mouthful after mouthful of food that has the utterly boring texture of wet mash is not for everyone. So, what is the baby food diet exactly? What are the benefits and side effects of choosing the baby food diet to lose weight? Does it work? These and a few more question we’ll answer in this article.

What is the baby food diet?

It is said that the baby food diet was devised by a manager to help super stars and models lose a few pounds before a shooting. The whole idea is to substitute all meals with canned baby food. Every jar has its own very precise food label, which makes calorie counting a breeze. Baby food is very nutritious, because it is supposed to be the only thing a small child eats in that period of time after pure milk formulas and before solid food. Baby food will help a child grow, covering all its nutritional needs. Since those needs differ to an adult’s mostly in quantity, not quality, baby food can be considered a very balanced diet nutritionally.

So, even though the baby food diet sounds like a crazy fad it can actually keep you quite healthy for a while, especially when compared to other diets of its type.

What are the benefits of the baby food diet?

There are quite a few benefits to this diet, which is quite surprising considering how silly the premise may sound at first. Some of those benefits are:

  • It is extremely easy to control. Baby food has very precise labels because a child’s life depends on those calories and portions. This means you can depend on those labels to tell you exactly how much you consume.
  • There is great variation in taste. There are quite a few flavors to choose from when it comes to baby food. From fruit purees to meaty creams and from cookie cream to vegetable mixes, there is something for every taste and mood.
  • It is very balanced. Baby foods have almost all nutrients a person needs to sustain him or her. This takes away the fear of malnutrition and extreme fatigue from undereating.
  • It gets boring, which can be a good thing if it takes your mind away from consuming too much food. It is very hard to eat too much baby food, since you will find the texture too bland.
  • No cooking needed. If you are extremely busy or you have to cook normal meals for a family, then a jar of baby food can make your diet that much easier than if you had to prepare a separate meal.

Disadvantages of the baby food diet

Of course with every diet, especially the ones that follow such a crazy concept, you will have disadvantages. Even though the baby food diet is not in any way immediately dangerous to the human body there are quite a few points which make it a bad plan to follow in the long term. Some of those negative points are:

  • It is expensive. A baby only needs a few jars per day, while you might need up to a dozen or more, depending on the type and size of your jar of choice. This can lead to very expensive food bills, unless you already are an extravagant shopper. Eating adult food is almost always cheaper.
  • The texture is excruciatingly boring. Fact is that most people can’t do the baby food diet for more than two days. This means you will hardly have any time to lose weight before you lose your patience spooning out little jars full of mush.
  • It is embarrassing. There is a stigma of eating things meant for little babies. You might be able to handle it, or you might not. Think of what your friends, family and coworkers will say when they see you eating baby food.
  • There are things in solid food you just can’t get enough of from purees. Namely you can possibly get enough fiber from purees, unless the baby food is enriched, which is very rare. This can lead to constipation unless you eat lots of baby food (which kind of defeats the purpose of dieting!)
  • Eating soft food does not give you the sensation of satiety, only boredom. If you don’t have a strong willpower and you are likely to binge the moment you feel hunger then this diet is not for you.


The baby food diet might be one of the less dangerous (almost harmless) diets out there, but it has some serious drawbacks. It is almost impossible to eat purees for weeks at a time, making it very hard for you to lose any weight on this diet. If you already own the iron will to lose weight no matter what it is advised you use that willpower to get yourself on a balanced adult diet. However, if by any chance mushy wet is your absolutely favorite texture in the world, then by all means you should give the baby food diet a go!

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