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Published on April 16th, 2014 | by Joe Starks


Eat That! Liquid Diets

Most of us will at some time be told by our doctors to go on a “liquid diet” for a couple of days so that we can do tests and undergo various procedures. Colonoscopies and blood tests are among these tests. It is guaranteed that anyone going on a liquid diet will lose weight, because the body simply can’t live of off liquids for too long.

This is why some people decide to go on a “liquid diet” with the sole purpose of losing weight, with no other medical reason. This decision can be a dangerous one and that’s why we’ll discuss about the nature of the liquid diet in this article. Let’s start with the basics:

What is the Liquid Diet?

When on the liquid diet you are supposed to only be ingesting clear liquids. These can be clear broths, juices and sodas.

What happens when you only drink clear liquids and eat no solids, is that your body simply can’t absorb enough calories to sustain your weight. Liquids are quickly excreted from the body and your intestines stay empty. This is the fact that makes liquid diet so good for tests concerning the digestive tract. Without any food in your digestive system, doctors can have a clear look at what might be going wrong.

The liquid diet is not pleasant at all and should not be attempted without a doctor’s supervision. It isn’t an “easy solution”, since you will feel extreme hunger and discomfort after more than a day.

Benefits of the Liquid Diet

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to a liquid diet, which is the reason why it is medically approved in some cases. Here are some of these benefits in a nutshell:

  • Rapid weight loss. If you stick to clear liquids your body just has to get rid of body fat to get the energy it needs.
  • Great solution for people who simply can’t lose weight on their own. Doctors might resort to having patients go on a liquid diet to lose weight, so that they can do life-saving surgery.
  • Important for medical procedures. Sometimes a liquid diet is necessary for tests to be done correctly.

Even though the liquid diet is beneficial in some very specific circumstances, sadly there are far to many disadvantages to consider it safe.

Disadvantages of the Liquid Diet

You should never attempt to do a liquid diet without your doctor’s permission, because:

  • It is extremely hard to get all minerals and vitamins you need. You body simply can’t live for long without a balanced diet, which can’t be achieved with liquids alone.
  • Your body needs proteins and fats. Clear liquids won’t offer you enough macronutrients to stay healthy for long.
  • It can be very painful. Having starved your body like that will cause you a lot of distress. Generally suffering like this for a few lost pounds usually leads to more weight gain once the old eating pattern re-emerges.
  • It can’t be done for long. If you go on a liquid diet for more than a week you might actually get very sick, sometimes with permanent consequences. Those who go on liquid diets for long are usually in hospital and constantly monitored.

It’s quite obvious that a liquid diet can’t even count as a fad, because it is simply far too dangerous and poor in nutrients.

It is actually extremely hard to make a balanced liquid meal plan. Some diets which include one or two solid meals along the liquid diet can actually work very well, because you can get all the necessary protein and fats from those small solid meals and still have an impressive weight loss because most of your meals are liquid and meagre.

Most of us know that the only efficient way to get lean and stay lean is to have a lifestyle we can actually live with for the rest of our lives. Since you absolutely can’t live on a liquid diet, happily and healthily, for long, you know that at best it can be a tool to help you try out something better.

The most important message one has to remember about liquid diets is: Never attempt one without your doctor’s supervision and blessing. It is not a good idea to attempt a liquid diet at all unless you are told by a professional that you have to.


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