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Published on February 2nd, 2014 | by Joe Starks


Don’t Eat That! The Tapeworm Diet

In all the previous “Eat That!” articles we discussed plenty of rather harmless, sometimes quirky, sometimes good, diets.  In the “Don’t Eat That!” article twists, we’ll discuss those absolutely dangerous diets you should NEVER even consider doing. These diets aren’t just potentially dangerous; they have extreme side effects and can cause physical and psychological problems that can last for life. The ideas behind these diets are usually so messed up and disgusting that only the truly desperate fall prey to this dangerous nonsense. The first dangerous diet we will talk about is the tapeworm diet.

What is the Tapeworm diet?

This horrific, and quite painful, diet begins with you consuming the egg of a tapeworm. These parasites love to hang out in our bowels and will become immensely long. They can span meters in length and fill our bowels with their bodies. If that isn’t one of the sickest dieting ideas I don’t know what else could be a contestant.

Even a person with no medical knowledge knows that consuming parasites isn’t just bad, it is crazy! The reason why you lose weight when having a parasite inside you is the same reason you lose weight when you have cancer: the tapeworm eats the best part of your food, leaving you with only a few nutrients. You are certain to be lacking almost in all vitamins and minerals and you will be prone to many bowel diseases that can leave you damaged for the rest of your life.

Why to avoid the tapeworm diet

For those who need special convincing that having a huge worm in your gut isn’t very smart, here are some hints why you should run away screaming when someone offers you to do this diet:

  • Tapeworms grow very large very quickly. Before you know it your whole gut is full with an immense worm 9 to 15 feet long (50 feet was the longest ever recorded).
  • Tapeworms will create cysts outside your bowel. These cysts will not be removed with simple tapeworm medicine. These cysts can burst and infect your insides or even cause organ damage. Some cysts can even go to your brain and can cause death if not removed.
  • You will be defecating tapeworm eggs. This might not be very dangerous but it is immensely disgusting. Sometimes when you defecate the end of the worm will come out of your anus when you strain and go back in after…
  • You will have bowel pain and feel nauseated often. Also, your appetite grows, you feel extremely weak and you will get side-effects from malnutrition.
  • It takes a major infestation for you to lose a lot of weight. This means you will be really sick with a parasite to be able to lose weight actually. A tiny tapeworm can’t really eliminate your calories. It will take a whopper of a worm to do so. Not a nice thought!
  • Removing tapeworm cysts is major surgery. If you get cysts outside your bowel you will need major surgery to remove them. This can be potentially life threatening like all major surgery.

For any reasonable person this list is enough to be shocked at the stupidity of people who try the tapeworm diet. Normally people fear parasites, for good reason, and are extremely worried when they get infected. Getting yourself sick to lose weight indicates that you probably have a psychological problem where weight loss has become more important than your life. If you seriously ever thought this diet is a good idea you might be in need of counseling against self harm.

Doing more exercise and less eating can seem hard for some, but it is the only healthy way to lose weight. Dangerous diets will only give you pain, embarrassment and suffering. Stay clear and advise anyone you know to do the same! This is not a fad diet; it is a hideous scam, meant to ruin lives.


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