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Published on September 1st, 2013 | by Joe Starks


5 Sinful Foods That Are Secretly Healthy

We hear it constantly that some foods are “bad” and others “good” for us, as if the first have some kind of poison in them and the latter make us healthy. This idea is totally false sadly, as foods do not have miraculous abilities to create or destroy health. All foods are unhealthy if eaten in large quantities; all foods are good if eaten in moderation. The portion of each food that equals moderation might differ, but the fact remains that there isn’t any specific food that will conjure up disease if eaten at the daily recommended amount. If we had such proof we’d not classify it as food, but poisonous biological matter.

Of course eating ten bananas or frying everything you consume in oil will cause you quite some pain sooner or later, but it is again a matter of balance and quantity. The food “racism” we see in the media comes from these imbalances in quantity that some cultures indulge in. In this article we will set the record straight about some foods you should definitely not avoid just because the media is misinformed.

Foods that are secretly good for you

So here is a list of some important foods that have received unjustified negative attention over the years:

  • Eggs. This is a food that is so wholesome; it is a crime to deprive people from it. Eggs where accused of raising cholesterol, but modern science disproved such claims. Eggs contain almost all amino acids we need in quite a big quantity. It is the perfect choice of protein if you don’t like meat or dairy a lot. Eggs contain quite a bit of vitamins, minerals and fats and can be quite satisfying to eat. A couple of eggs can turn a light meal into a filling one.
  • Red Meat. People consider red meat to increase heart disease if eaten a lot. Truth is one has to restrain themselves to a fist sized portion of lean red meat a day to avoid weight gain, but red meat remains an excellent source of protein and above all iron. Choosing lean cuts means that you can actually gain all the goodness of red meat without any of the less needed parts.
  • Potatoes. You won’t find many diets telling you to eat potatoes, while the opposite is quite common. Despite the rumors, potatoes are quite filling and very nutritious, having more potassium than a banana and quite a bit of vitamin C. If you choose to eat your potatoes with light sauces, boiled in water, they are an extremely smart choice of food that can keep your going all day. Stay away from deep fried, dried varieties, namely chips.
  • Fruit. Some people consider eating fruit unhealthy because of their high sugar content. Truth is that fruit are so nutritious that if you eat an else wise savory diet they can offer you quite a lot in terms of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Try to substitute candy and sweets with fruit and you’ll get all the sweetness with freshness and healthy nutrients to boot. Eat a variety of fruit and don’t go crazy on a single type.
  • Cheese. Yes, cheese contains a lot of fat in most of its varieties, but the high calcium content makes up for that. Try eating correct portions of cheese and you might find yourself feeling quite a bit stronger when you grow old and your bones are robust.

As said in the beginning of the article, healthy diets are all about eating a large variety of food in the correct quantities. Do not be a food “racist”, just a food connoisseur. You’ll find yourself happier when you know you can eat chocolate, eggs, pork etc and still be healthy, as long as you eat the right amount. Educate yourself on what a correct portion is when it comes to food and don’t look for absolute answers like: “this is good and that is bad”, not even food is that one-sided.

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