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Published on April 14th, 2013 | by Nicole Corvin


What are Negative Splits?

You do negative splits when you run faster during the second half of your run than in the first. Usually people go for a sprint it in the beginning of their running and gradually slow down due to fatigue. However, research shows that keeping your energy for the second half and running faster to finish has some serious benefits. Namely:

  • Running slower at the beginning allows your muscles to warm up properly. This will help you get less injuries and joint pains in the long run.
  • Your lung and heart will also get less of a shock and work more optimally because you gradually increase their output.
  • During the second half you will have those mood boosting endorphins to help you feel better while you run.
  • You recover faster after your run.
  • You’ll feel better when you start running past those fatigued runners at the end, putting you in a psychologically advantageous position.
  • If you do negative splits often you will inevitably become a better runner.

Some ways to naturally change your runs into negative splits are these:

  • Do your favorite run up to a point at a slower pace and when you start returning home pick up the speed.
  • Use a GPS to calculate the miles you are running and when you reach half point pick up the pace.
  • When you are running a double loop, use negative splits by running the first loop slower than the second.
  • Incorporate the Negative Splits into your interval training by doing the second half of the fast interval at a quicker speed level.

Use the Power of Negative Splits | Fit Sugar


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