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Published on April 5th, 2013 | by Nicole Corvin


Ways to Get Sugar Out of Your Life

We all heard it a hundred times: Sugar is bad for you. Recent studies only confirm our long held beliefs, showing that excess consumption of sugar is a contributing factor for cancer, heart disease and various other devastating diseases. Here are a few tips on how to cut sugar out of your diet forever:

  • Eat regularly, because the less hunger you feel the less sugar cravings you’ll have
  • Eat Whole Foods, since they contain far less sugars
  • Include protein, fat and phytonutrients in your breakfast
  • Include fat and protein in each meal
  • Add Spices to your food
  • Supplement your diet with a good multivitamin, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D3
  • Exercise to keep your body healthy and fit
  • Sleep Enough, tiredness will increase sugar cravings
  • Do a Detox, because it is proven to diminish sugar cravings after the initial withdrawal symptoms
  • Explore the emotional reasons behind your sugar consumption
  • Keep sugar filled foods out of your home and office
  • Don’t eat artificial sweeteners instead of sugar, since it won’t curb your desire for sweet things
  • Learn to correctly read labels. Even though one should eat as few foods as possible that have labels it is good to know how to correctly interpret the information on them when it is needed
  • Avoid Hidden Sugars, like refined white pasta and baked goods that contain white flour
  • Scare yourself out of Sugar Consumption. Treat sugars as if they are a legal drug, like alcohol and cigarettes. This might be enough to feel bad every time you are being offered a sugary snack you should absolutely not eat

Remember eating less sugar will offer you a sweeter, longer life.

20 Ways to Get Sugar Out of Your Life | Dr. Frank Lipman


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