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Published on March 23rd, 2013 | by Nick Coe


Pyramid Training

Pyramid training refers to a workout plan that can either be progressive or regressive, meaning it either starts slow and then builds up in strength or it starts very intensely and then gradually eases off.

There are many different ways to do pyramid training and it’s perhaps the best way to challenge your muscles with heavier weights than normal, given that you are only going to train for a brief while at your maximum. Usually, more reps go together with smaller weights and as the weights increase, the reps decrease (otherwise you burn out!).

That kind of training can also help you realize that you can actually lift heavier weights than you previously thought possible without exerting yourself or risking injury. (You will also look mean!)

It is interesting to consider what kind of exercise makes you feel like a badass in the gym and then go for it as part of your pyramid training. Since you will only be lifting the heavier weights for a brief period of time, you can do it without worries!

Pyramid Training | Peanut Butter Fingers

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