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Published on April 9th, 2013 | by Nicole Corvin


Is Your Coach Up to Par?

Often as a coach you rely too much on gut instincts and put together a workout during the last minutes before training. Most coaches will just throw some equipment around, scribble something on a board and try to think up as fast as possible a training session that will last at least an hour so the client gets what he’s paid for.

This way of dealing with clients is so wrong on so many levels.

First of all not all clients are the same. A person who wants to shed 200 pounds is not the same with someone who wants to lose 10; a fifty year old is not the same as a teenager and a power lifter is not the same with the average gym member. Each of these people has their own strengths and weaknesses, their individual goals and needs. As a trainer one must see to those through proper planning, studying, researching and tracking of progress.

Not all people react the same way to training. Some sprain easier, or lift harder and not all want to reach the same level of fitness.

A trainer must:

  • Create custom workouts
  • Aim to achieve both long and short term goals
  • Write down progress, encourage success, reveal weaknesses and point out strengths
  • Push your athlete over plateaus
  • Care about their customer


Only if you see your customer as an individual who needs your hard work to shine during a workout will you become a good trainer. Workouts aren’t the time for the trainer to show off, but for the customer to shine and excel.

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