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Published on April 13th, 2013 | by Nicole Corvin


Can the Mediterranean Diet Make Us Happier?

We all have heard it in one form or another: the Mediterranean diet, the diet of people living in the Mediterranean a few decades ago when they were poorer and there was less fast food around, is good for us. Mayo Clinic and other notable organizations like the Cleveland Clinic and the American Heart Association agree on this.

So what is the Mediterranean diet? In a nutshell it is a way of eating where everything is fresh and there is little to no red meat, saturated fats and sugary products. Included in the diet are plenty of legumes, virgin Olive Oil, lots of fresh veggies and fruit, nuts and occasionally poultry, fish, dairy and red wine. It has been proven that eating a Mediterranean diet is much healthier for the heart, intestines and body in general when compared to the sugar and fat laden American diet.

Recent results of a huge study conducted by Adventists in America shows that switching from fast food to Mediterranean can also improve your mood. The study was immense, with over 96.000 subjects 9000 of which were included in the final results. The only problem is that the study’s subjects were too homogenous, all Adventists, white or black and Americans. This might mean that the results won’t be the same for every race, country and religious lifestyle, but they are still significant, especially when paired with previously published smaller studies.

Monounsaturated fats as well as the consumption of lots of fruit and veggies seem to improve the mood and perhaps even prevent mental and heart diseases.


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