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Published on April 14th, 2014 | by Joe Starks


Working Out and Pregnancy

Exercising during those special nine months is not a clear cut matter. There are dangers with some choices of exercise and there are great benefits if you know to choose your regime widely. Women used to avoid most exertion during this sensitive time, but studies have shown that fitter moms-to-be have easier pregnancies and often much easier labour, for both mom and baby.

Be very careful: Before doing any exercise while pregnant ASK YOU DOCTOR FIRST!!!

You might be a special case and need special attention, so you doctor should have a say about what kind of exercise you are doing. In this article we’ll talk about the dangers of some exercises and the benefits of others when you are pregnant.

What NOT to do

Here are some very good examples of what you should not do when you are pregnant:

  • DON’T do any contact sport. You don’t want people kicking, punching and pushing you. So avoid any martial arts, ball games and team sports. For those nine months you should keep a safe distance from other people when exercising.
  • DON’T do high intensity training. High intensity is great when you are alone, but with baby it is best to keep things relaxed and in control. You might get hurt when exercising too rigorously and very high heart rates are no good either.
  • DON’T do exercises lying on your back. Baby is heavy and can push against the blood vessels that bring blood back to your heart. This can make you feel woozy.
  • DON’T exercise in the sun and heat. Avoiding overheating and heat-stroke is extremely important. Anything that makes mom feel ill isn’t good for both her and baby.
  • DON’T do exercises where you can fall. No balancing acts and horseback riding please. You really don’t want that danger of impact looming over you. Stay close to the floor. Don’t even do normal yoga, with one foot stands etc…
  • DON’T do any scuba diving. Your baby can’t fight decompression sickness properly and will suffer for it.

Generally if it makes you feel bad it isn’t safe for you during pregnancy. Pregnancy isn’t the time to push your boundaries and overexert yourself. You will have plenty of chances for that when chasing your kid as a toddler later.

What you SHOULD do

Exercising during pregnancy can do wonders for mom and baby. If the mother is fit, many pre and postnatal problems can be avoided. Here are some tips of what you can do during pregnancy:

  • Always hydrate thoroughly. Your body needs more water during pregnancy, especially so if you are exercising.
  • Eat a little more HEALTHY food when you exercise. You need around 300 more calories to grow your baby every day. If you work out a lot and don’t eat enough you should raise that amount by a bit. Careful, because being overweight can cause a lot of problems too. Usually your doctor can give you a great dietary program to follow.
  • Try special pregnancy classes. There are plenty of sports especially designed by experts for pregnant women. Pregnancy water sports and yoga are very popular. This way you know that you are in good hands and doing exercise which has been approved and studied on. This way you’ll also meet many expecting moms and have a good time.
  • Do pelvic floor and abdominal exercises. Don’t exercise on your back, but any other abdominal and pelvic floor exercises will do you good. Just remember, keep the intensity very low and be very slow.
  • Do very careful slow exercises. You should simply train your muscles slowly, usually sitting down on a comfortable mat or standing in a spacious pool. You only need 30 minutes of low intensity training every day to be fine. Even walking will do if you are careful.

Of course you can’t always do the same exercises during the three trimesters. Things should be even slower and careful at the end of pregnancy than in the beginning. Your doctor might even forbid you any exertion after the eighth month.

The most important thing to remember as a pregnant woman is: Never do any exercise your doctor has not CLEARLY approved.

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