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Published on December 8th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Morbid Obesity – Take Back Your Life: The Worst Eating Habits

When a person reaches the point that they realise they are morbidly obese, it is often too late to turn back and wonder why all this happened. You no longer can prevent the weight from growing on you, nor can you simply wish it away. There are no simple solutions and not a single person on earth lost weight “the easy way”. This does not mean that there is no hope for you or a morbidly obese friend you’d like to help. There are many solutions actually, but they all take at least as much time as it took the person to gain the weight. There is a maximum limit to how much weight one can lose in a day, always compared to how heavy you are, so being in a hurry won’t help. In this article we’ll discuss those worst of habits that lead you to become obese and how to cut them out one by one.

List of worst eating habits you can have:

  1. Eating very heavy dinners. It is best not to eat very heavy meals at night. The calories of the food might be the same no matter when you eat, but eating heavy meals late will both cause you to have indigestion and bad sleep. This isn’t the only problem either. At night you probably ate enough already as a morbidly obese person and your heavy dinner will only make things worse. Cutting down on late meals will help you immensely.
  2. Eating sweets after every savoury meal. This is a bad habit which almost all people enjoy. The fact is though that when you eat sweets after a meal you do not do eat to satisfy your hunger. You only eat out of lust, which is a very unhealthy reason to eat. It ignores your natural satiation mechanism and makes you overeat. If you love sweet foods then replace a whole meal with something sweet, like cereal for breakfast or fruit for lunch.
  3. Eating “on the road”. Do not waste the precious few meals you should have on the road. Eating while rushing from one place to another, either on foot or in your car, will only make you overeat without realising it. You won’t savour your food as much as you would have wanted, nor will you feel really full for long. Every meal should be had while sitting at a table, without any distraction except friends and family.
  4. Eating while doing some other activity. Do not eat while watching TV, playing video games or having a walk. If your mind is not focused on your meal you will eat more than you should without realizing it. Meal times should be dedicated to your food so that you enjoy it more.
  5. Eating always exactly what you want. This might sound odd, but you should not follow every whim and desire all day when it comes to food. Plan it in such a way that you only eat exactly what you want once per day or even once per week. When you choose that one special meal always choose the smallest portion possible. You won’t die and you won’t suffer that much if you forbid yourself a few snacks and meals.
  6. Hating yourself every time you eat something unhealthy! This is the worst habit morbidly obese people have and probably the most destructive one. To change your body image you must have the will to do yourself some good. If you hate yourself then you only make it harder to help yourself. You are not a bad person just because you have an eating problem. You are a precious person that needs help. It is not a crime to need help and people who treat you bad should be pitied, not taken seriously. You might think that this is not an “eating habit”, but when you are morbidly obese self-hate and eating sometimes comes hand in hand.

How to break free

It is extremely hard to change a habit. It won’t change today and it won’t change tomorrow, but it can change in a month or a year. Take it slow, but steady. Just cutting down on your dinner portion or leaving a snack out of your eating plan can do wonders. Then take it another step further and make your lunch smaller as well.

The most important thing is to learn to ignore bad triggers. Many people gain weight because people don’t appreciate them. You can’t change the world that much so you have to learn to get that appreciation your crave from yourself. If certain people cause you to overeat (like your overweight family members or friends, or perhaps a mean ex) then avoid those triggers or teach yourself some tricks to dampen the effect these people have on you.

Sometimes to lose weight you have to lose part of your old life as well. Be prepared to lose some attention from people that don’t want to live healthier and from people who can’t go with you on this journey. You should know that for every mean or insulting person out there, there is also somebody who understands your trouble and wants people like you to get better and happier!

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