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Published on November 26th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Morbid Obesity – Take Back Your Life: The First 20 Pounds

A couple of decades ago people ignored the fact that there are some people out there that aren’t just big, but extremely heavy. When such a person made her appearance on television most people did not believe their eyes on how far her weight problem had taken her. Since then more and more people who are housebound by their extreme weight have made their appearance on the media, to amuse or horrify the audience of various shows. Morbid obesity should not be seen as entertainment, but as a severe disability and sad condition. There is hope even for those who have taken weight gain to the extremes. Morbidly obese individuals have managed to lose weight and live more normal lives. This is a series of articles that will discuss how to take back your life or to help a morbidly obese individual take back theirs.

How to start?

This is probably the biggest hurdle you will have to pass as a morbidly obese individual. Eating less food for a couple of days can’t count as a start of a new lifestyle, so what can actually help you get there? Here are a few good tips:

  • Meditate. When you have such a big problem you absolutely have to face your own feelings. What do you feel before eating and how do you feel after a meal? When did you start seeing food this way? Has your relationship with food always been so excessive or was there some turning point? Once you find that reasons that caused you to continuously gain weight then you can start tackling your problem.
  • Gather willpower. You can’t do this without a reason and some willpower to back everything up. Ask for help from everyone who cares enough and if you have nobody then ask for help from professionals. You are not alone. Your problem is common and you can surpass it. Write down all the reasons why you want to be thinner and hang that paper somewhere where you constantly see it.
  • Brace yourself. Your road to a normal weight will be one of the hardest things human beings can achieve. Look at it as an epic quest only you can achieve. You must realize that you will feel pain and you will feel depression. It will take tears and pain to get where you want to be. It is worth it in the end, but the cost is tremendous. Even if you feel that you have no other choice left, you still need to gather your strength and prepare yourself.
  • Educate yourself. You obviously don’t know how to live as a lean person, so find a chance to learn how these people manage to live on less food and how they tackle their problems. Whatever you experiences that led you to overeating, there is a lean person out there that went through the same. Finding out how other people cope with their problems and how they eat is a good way to find your perfect lifestyle.
  • Find others like you. Listening to stories of other people with the same problem can motivate you. Sometimes we find it extremely hard to face our problems and listening to others in similar situation helps us both feel less alone and find out what might be wrong with ourselves.

The first training

You can’t just take up a gym membership and run on a treadmill like most people when you are morbidly obese. Even if you can, you probably can’t muster the courage it takes to be constantly judged and seen by people who don’t understand you. Diving head first into a social group that has many lean people n it can be a shock therapy to some, but you might prefer a safer route.

Training is any kind of exercise that is harder than your daily routine! Write that quote down and keep it somewhere where you can see it. You don’t need to do what others do to be able to train. Just do something that is harder than what you usually do. If you only walk 100 steps every day then 200 is training. If you stand up only 4 times a day then 20 times is training. Just make your life a little bit more active. The moment you feel that it has become hard then you know that you are training.

Don’t take your food consumption from jumbo portions to child portions in a day. Eat exactly like you ate one day before and take away a few bites and a snack. If you do that for a few months you will safely reach a normal portion without feeling too exhausted and sad. The first 20 pounds will get off you in no time.

If you are morbidly obese it is highly recommended that you get yourself some psychological support. Losing that much weight is so hard that you will need all the help you can get. Don’t be shy to ask for help. You have only one life and you should do your best to live it well!

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