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Published on February 26th, 2014 | by Joe Starks


Morbid Obesity – Take Back Your Life: Reaching Your First Goals

When one is morbidly obese, reaching weight loss goals might seem like climbing Mount Everest. For many reaching their final goal weight might even seem impossible. When you are 300 pounds heavy, 120 pounds might seem like an unobtainable dream. This does not mean that this feeling reflects reality, but our mental state is very important to help us lose weight and stick to a new lifestyle. So, what do the professional say about keeping goals? Well, this is what we’ll discuss in this article. We’ll take it one step at a time and discuss your first goals first, as it should be.

What should your first goal be?

It is very hard to say what an ideal amount of weight would be as a first goal. Here are some rules on how to smartly choose your first weight loss goals:

  • Don’t make the amount too big, even if you have a lot to lose. Make it something that can be done within a week or within a month.
  • Remember to always set a time limit. If you just say you want to lose ten pounds someday, you probably won’t feel motivated enough to do it now.
  • Make your time limit reasonable. Nobody can lose 50 pounds in a month in a healthy way. So, don’t make such incredible goals. Healthy weight loss ranges from 1-4 pounds per week depending on your weight and height. Heavier people can hope for 4 pounds, while lighter people should aim for 1.

Now that you set your doable goal you have to prepare for the consequences of your choice. Don’t wait for hardships to happen. You can predict most of them and tackle them beforehand. Decide:

  • What will your strategy be when you get cravings? You can decide to curb your cravings with healthy food, eat tiny portions of those foods you crave or finding a hobby that takes away your mind from food.
  • Don’t have trigger food in your reach. It is best not to have tempting food in your house. If you really need a small snack you should go on foot to buy it. This will easily dissuade you when the craving are small and will give you a workout when the cravings are undefeatable.
  • Prepare for failure. You will fail often and you will sometimes fail hard at dieting. Be ready for it. Prepare mentally to stand up and keep on going immediately after the event. If you are prepared your slip ups will end quickly and weight loss will continue.
  • Know that Holiday times will be a challenge. Even just MAINTAINING your weight during holidays can be a feat on its own. Be careful not to overeat and you can continue the actual weight loss afterwards. Just don’t eat so much that you actually gain weight again.

How to plan your first goal

You absolutely need a plan. This is plain and simple, because your natural way of doing things made you very heavy. You need a plan to change, inside and out. Plan your meals, plan what food you will avoid and plan your exercise.

The best way to lose weight permanently is to permanently introduce exercise into your lifestyle. Exercising does not only burn calories, but you also spend time away from food and your fridge.

Make sure you introduce at least a couple of healthy meals into every day. It is ok if there are still some “less nutritious” items in your diet. Just make these “less nutritious” foods takes up only 8-10% of your daily intake.

A piece of chocolate or a handful of crisps can still exist in your life. But never again consume a whole bar and a whole bag of the stuff. These foods are meant to be shared, so share them with friends and family. You will get more out of them than if you were eating them alone.

Lastly, get friends involved and avoid people that put you down. Even if those people are your family and friends, you have to avoid too much contact if they constantly ruin your weight loss. You can always try to get people on board, but it is best to stick with those of your friends that are willing to stand by you and encourage you.

If you have over 60 pounds to lose you know beforehand that you will take some weight loss breaks sometimes. You simply need those times to pick up your strength and go on. During those times be ready to maintain your weight and not gain anything back. Just by maintaining you will rest your body and be ready to go on soon on your weight loss journey.

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