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Published on March 4th, 2014 | by Joe Starks


Morbid Obesity – Take Back Your Life: Maintenance

In this article we’ll discuss another side of morbid obesity many people tend to ignore. It is actually a fact that quite a few morbidly obese people reach their goals weights at some time in a diet. The problem is that these results rarely last longer than a year or two. Usually the morbidly obese person will return to the previous weight after a while, or even put on more weight than they ever had. This is why it is important to look at the goal weight as a new challenge, not some kind of actual finish line.

Why to be worried

Statistics about obesity don’t only talk about people that never managed to lose weight. They include people that actually have been thin many times in their life because of a yo-yoing from morbidly obese to skinny. This lifestyle is almost as harmful as being morbidly obese all the time, because diets are emotionally and physically tiring.

Every time you lose that much weight and put in on again you feel less proud and confident in yourself. Confidence and self esteem are extremely important to become permanently thin. Once you are actually skinny, you don’t have the mindset of a skinny person yet. You have the mindset of a dieter. Naturally thin people don’t diet their whole life; they simply exist with their normal habits.

This is why it isn’t enough for your body to reach a thin state. You have to train your mind to learn that state as well. Your mind can only learn that state when you have reached a normal weight and you have stopped dieting. From that moment on you have to get into maintenance mode.

How does Maintenance Work?

Maintenance can be just as hard as the diet itself was. After all you have to actually taste various foods that used to trigger bad habits for you and stay in control. As a person in maintenance, you will find Hamburgers, Sweets and other fatty foods in front of you. At that point you will have to ask yourself: “What would Thin Me do?”

“Thin Me” is the you that never became fat and always lived at a healthy weight. At first this persona is imaginative and only helps you see what you would have done if you were a skinny person your whole life. If you don’t know the asker to “what would Thin Me do?” then ask a thin person or look up answers of thin people on the internet.

As time passes and you live the eating life of “Thin Me” you steadily merge with this personality, until “Thin Me” has actually become you. At that point you’ll be thin for more than 4-5 years and will have been living in a balanced way. After that point you will no longer have to fear weight coming back. You will know that you can trust yourself around bad choices.

Tips on how to Maintain Your Weight

Here are some tips of what a “Thin Me” would choose in some situations:

  • When faced with “surprise food” at parties or at work, don’t act like it is a chance to eat. “Thin Me” would eat a very small portion, share if portions are by default big or very politely decline.
  • When you get strong cravings, “Thin Me” would divert your attention to hobbies and things you really like and get distracted by. This might be a walk, movies or anything pleasant to you.
  • When you feel tired of controlling your eating, remember that “Thin Me” would rest and enjoy some non-food related pampering. Sometimes “Thin Me” would go to the mirror and look at the result of controlling his/her eating habits. “Thin Me” will wear the best clothes and show off their body to reaffirm why control eating habits is great and not a chore.
  • When you overeat, “Thin Me” would then fast a bit or eat very light meals until the calories are balanced out. You don’t have to feel guilty or do something dangerous. “Thin Me” overeats sometimes, but always compensates after with a bit of dieting and exercise.

These tips might be obvious to most who have dieted in their lives, but it is important to remember these simple things when we are most in need of them. Once you feel like things aren’t going well with your maintenance, rethink your rules and the way you want to live your life and get back on track.

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