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Published on December 25th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


Morbid Obesity – Take Back Your Life: Holiday Temptation

It is no mystery why most of us gain weight during the holidays. Many households save up their money to enjoy a multitude of treats without any restraint or consideration about the aftermath. The happiness that fills us because we have less work, see more of our loved ones and celebrate happy occasions, makes us think less about restraining our appetite. It is common courtesy to offer delicious meals to neighbours and friends and you can bet you’ll be invited in plenty of parties as well. We frown on those who destroy the holiday fun by reminding us of diets, healthy eating and exercise. What do holiday temptations really cost us though? And even more important: how do you learn to say stop without ruining other people’s fun?

Tips on how to enjoy holidays without gaining weight

There is no golden rule or simple ways to go around this. To be able to control your food intake during holidays you have to be vigilant and discreet. There is no reason to involve others in your battle against temptation. Here is a list of tips that might help you avoid temptation or defeat it:

  • Try a little bit of everything. Don’t eat as much as you want from all the food. Just pick a tiny bite of everything and enjoy it fully. Savour your food. You’ll still have a big, hearty portion, but it won’t be two or three portions worth like when you let yourself go wild.
  • Don’t go to parties with an empty stomach. While you might think you save yourself some calories it is best to eat a good portion of low calorie healthy food before going on a party. A big salad without dressing should make it much easier for you to eat less fatty food at the celebration.
  • Don’t worry before you eat. We often worry that when we don’t eat without control we won’t enjoy food. This serves only to distract you from having reasonable and sensible fun. Food tastes great even when you are careful not to overdo it. Eating a lot does not add to the flavour. It only adds to the waist.
  • Don’t go crazy on the alcohol. We don’t have work or any difficult responsibilities during the holidays, so, many of us think it is time to drink a bit more. Before you consider doing such a thing remember that alcohol has a lot of calories and will most certainly make you remember less, not more of your fun holiday.
  • Don’t consume everything as soon as possible. So, you bought your special Christmas treats, which you can’t get around the year. There is absolutely no reason to eat them during the holidays. Keep them refrigerated or stored until the big parties are over and enjoy them during the next months.
  • Don’t draw attention to you eating. Don’t tell everyone how little you ate or how much you would have wanted to eat more. If you don’t advertise it, people will barely notice that you ate a reasonable portion instead of three.
  • Drink a lot of water. Being hydrated will keep you away from many snacks and treats. Often we only crave for a little water, when we think we want more food.
  • Do not eat quickly. There is absolutely no reason to eat as if you are in a contest. If you eat quickly you won’t savour your food and all the extra calories will be a total waste.

Thinking ahead

You simply have to think about the aftermath of your holiday cheer. It will not be worth the hunger and frustration you have to go through to fix your mistakes afterwards. Every huge meal will take weeks of healthy dieting to be overcome. This means that you will barely have time to drop the weight until the next holiday. If you continue like this there are only two ways you’ll end up: Either a few pounds fatter every 4 months, or yoyo-ing for the rest of your life. Finding a way to enjoy holiday food without gaining weight is extremely important. Be conscious of what you put in your mouth. Do not eat quickly and make sure you weigh in regularly so you don’t ignore reality until it is too late. You might not be able to avoid all weight gain, but it is always easier to battle 1-2 pounds than it is to lose 15.


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