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Published on February 6th, 2014 | by Joe Starks


Fitness Jargonbuster: Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding isn’t as much a sport as it is a lifestyle. The highest goal of a body builder is to have a perfectly muscular and lean body. The emphasis isn’t as much on balance as it is on perfection. To be a bodybuilder you will often have to work out longer than it is safe and diet harder than you’d need to simply be healthy. It can be arduous work to get that picture perfect body, but that is the whole meaning: having a body so great only few can achieve the same.

The exercises of a bodybuilder

Of course whatever has to do with muscles must have to do with working out as well. There is no one way to get that great body you dream of. Most types of safe regimes are good, as long as you make sure that all your muscle groups get some attention during your weekly training regime.

Bodybuilders usually prefer simple gym exercises to working out. This means that they use machines and floor exercises mainly. That doesn’t mean that they don’t do other sports on the side. They might be dancers, fighters or swimmers, but they always have to hit the gym to balance out that muscle mass.

Bodybuilder training can sometimes seem a little boring, but people who love self-improvement will love it when they can lift another kilo and when their glutes look like those of an ancient Greek statue.

One of the most important parts of being a bodybuilder is to know when to push and when to rest. Sometimes you need to stretch those limits and work harder, even when your body begs you to stop and then you have to find that moment where you need to stop and let your muscles rest and repair. You can’t really grow muscular without great effort and quality rest. Finding the magic formula that does it for you is up to your body type and choice.

The diet of a bodybuilder

Exercise and rest might be the key to getting great muscles, but they won’t look that good if an inch of fat covers them or if you are undernourished. Having a balance (bodybuilder) diet is extremely important. Forget skinny girl diets of lettuce and chicken. Bodybuilders do have to eat a lot, but they have to eat carefully.

No more fried food and excess of saturated fats. A bodybuilder has to eat lean meats for protein, to give his or her body enough amino acids to form human muscle proteins after exercising. They also have to get quick energy to last throughout the long hours of exercise. This is why bodybuilders actually need to consume carbs in pure, non-sweet forms. Bodybuilders will often eat rice-crackers, whole-wheat bread and brown rice to get some energy. Potatoes are a great choice also but need to be portioned properly.

You must also ensure that you get enough vitamins and minerals for such an active, strong body. You can either get a high quality supplement or be extremely careful how many nuts, vegetables and fruit you eat every day. Some bodybuilders swear by milk, considering it a natural protein drink, without the price tag of one.

Benefits and drawbacks of bodybuilding

Bodybuilding can be a great lifestyle choice if you have the time to spend on your body. It isn’t usually a good idea for people with many responsibilities and difficult jobs. It takes so much time an attention that you social relationships may suffer for it, but you will in the end have an amazing body to show for it.

Bodybuilding is an industry sadly overflowing with illegal steroid drugs. Many want the easy way to a muscular body, without thinking that this is sacrilege to real bodybuilding, which is all about effort. Steroids can be extremely dangerous, but sadly many coaches will offer them to you if they see you passionate enough for a muscular body. If that is the case with you, either decline or find another coach.

Bodybuilding can be a great lifestyle for some (women and men alike), but most find it too demanding. If you feel like you have it in you to build the perfect body, go ahead and find yourself a good coach and a great gym to help you out. You might make great friends and get a great hobby to boot.


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