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Published on April 18th, 2013 | by Nick Coe


Amateur Athletes becoming Online Tutors

Web use is spreading, and expected to reach half of the human population inside the next decade or so. Coupled with mobile and tablet-like technology, education is going digital. What’s stopping someone that has learned how to sculpt their body from teaching people through their own site?

The Titanic Voyage of Traditional Physical Education

The traditional education system that was put in place to teach kids how to eat and exercise properly is failing. This is not only the case in America, because obesity rates are on the increase all over the modern world.

In response to the economic climate, and the dramatic increase in internet based innovation, consumers are turning to their smart phones and home computers to learn how to work out and diet properly.

There are no serious trend setting fitness movements gaining traction in the world today that don’t have social media networks and the ability for anyone and everyone to learn from and teach one another.

A Potential Scenario

Let’s say Bill is out of work, or underemployed, but he knows how to eat and work out right. He never thought of himself as a teacher before, but he decides to start up a website, begins posting written content daily, invests in a decent camera and begins recording workouts and example meals to post on his site and YouTube.

Bill then connects everything to his Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks. He starts to get a following, and freely self publishes a fitness ebook. After a year Bill has his own fitness franchise and hosts weekly webinars or virtual classrooms to teach people how to not only get in amazing shape, but maintain it.

One day Bill wakes up and realizes he never got officially certified, is not affiliated with any mainstream exercise science foundations or organizations, and yet he makes a decent income by doing what he loves. That’s the reality that the establishment today faces.

Results don’t lie, and if people can get them on their own through a few clicks of a mouse rather than bothering with the traditional route, eventually they will do so.

Rising To The Top

Like the famous millionaire tutors of Asia, the celebrity fitness trainers of the future will be in virtual gyms that people connect to from anywhere in the world for a small fee. What if a typical metabolic conditioning class instructor could reach ten thousand people once a week rather than a few hundred?

Those that inspire people, who have genuine and yet straightforward attitudes, and who are in great shape themselves can become online fitness tutors with little to no initial investment. Digital fitness is only in its infancy. Those that get in on the online tutoring craze now, will definitely have an edge.

If you know your stuff and think you have what it takes to teach people, look into online fitness tutoring now, and you’ll see there is a great chasm waiting to be filled. If not by you, then it will be someone else. Get started today.

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