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Published on August 24th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


7 Tips to Become Fitter for Life

When starting a new, fitter lifestyle it is fairly simple to get the willpower and push through a couple of months of training. Some even manage to live through a few years of great fitness, but then life happens and everything goes downhill again. You often see fit people lose their form either because of a pregnancy, stressful responsibilities or simply growing older. All these issues are extremely serious of course, but with the right attitude you can live through anything and still take care of yourself properly. Just look at people who manage to keep themselves in shape even though they miss a limb or have a chronic disease. Human being can amass a lot of willpower and strength when given the right guidance.

How to achieve your forever fit mindset

The tips we’ll offer in this article are for how to keep on staying fit when various reasons might be pulling you away from a healthy lifestyle. These tips are more for lifestyle than actual training, but are extremely important to remember. So here we go:

  1. Think of those who can’t. Whatever the exercise you have chosen to get fitter with, there will be times when you simply can’t muster the willpower to go through with the next session. At that moment think about people who actually can’t do what you do. Remember how lucky you are that you actually can work out and move.
  2. Watch every facet of your health. Don’t just focus on exercise or diet. You have to focus on everything your body needs to stay healthy. Drink water, try to find a balance in your food that pleases you both physically and mentally and finally, do not forget that you need to stay hydrated.
  3. Walk! No matter how much you hate exercise or activities, every healthy person likes to walk. Immobility is a nightmare and this is why you should at least walk 10k steps every day. Walk the dog, meet a friend, walk in the park, anything that keeps you moving is good for you.
  4. Do not retire from fitness. No matter what the stressful situation is that keeps you from staying fit, you have to remember that staying healthy is the most important thing of all. You can’t expect to fully live up to your responsibilities unless you are in the best shape possible. The weaker you are the more you will burden others and yourself.
  5. Count calories. No matter if you eat right or wrong, count your calories. When you count calories even on your “naughty” eating days then you will less likely to go overboard. You’ll think twice about getting a second helping of ice cream when you know you already ate for two people all day.
  6. Do not leave your fitness for tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes, unless you make sure you do what you have to do every day. Postponing responsibilities towards your self is a very bad sign for you future happiness. People who postpone important things usually are more stressed and less happy.
  7. Use the power of music. Scientists have shown through many different studies that music can make you move more vigorously and take your mind away from the pain. Choose lively melodies with a beat and preferable with lyrics that mean something for you. Perhaps a song that speaks about who or what you want to become is a good choice. Find the music that keeps you going and exercise will become a very fun and relaxing time in your life.

Is it enough?

No amount of advice and pep-talks will ever be enough to keep you fit for life. You absolutely need to take your fitness into your own hands, but following lots of sound advice can make it easier for you. Feel empowered in the knowledge that nobody has a secret formula that works better than your own willpower. You have everything you need to get fitter and you can do it if you work hard enough. Find all the reasons you want to be and stay fit and hold them close to your heart and thoughts. Think deeply about the things that hold you back and try to face them head on. Success is only a decision away, as long as you make that decision wholeheartedly. It might be a rocky road with lots of mistakes done, but that is how life is supposed to work.

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