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Published on July 30th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


10 Tips to Become Fitter TODAY

Becoming fitter might seem like an unreachable dream to most of us in our times. Long gone are the times when most of us were hunters, farmers and laborers. We live in a time where many people work behind a desk, a counter or a wheel. That of course can be tiring too, but it is incomparable to what our bodies really need and are capable of. It is a fact that in the developed world there are people that don’t walk for more than twenty minutes a day, spending most of their time sitting down. This had quite obvious results: we are going through an obesity epidemic of epic proportion and people start to die young because they eat too much and move too little. But enough of the gloomy talk! It might be very hard to become fit, but it is easy to become fitter. One step at a time might not be quick, but it is easy and well worth it.

How to become a bit fitter?

That totally depends on how you are living at the moment. Any movement that you’d usually not do will help you improve your fitness –and I mean every movement! Even just standing up once in a while will make a difference. Small changes to our lifestyle can make a huge difference to our calorie burn when added up. Unfit people usually plan their lives in a way in which they have to be active as little as possible. They place the fridge closer to the sofa, they place the phone closer too and they usually don’t waste a lot of time preparing meals and walking their pets either.

The key to become fitter is to un-plan those so-called “conveniences”.

Unfit people avoid planning things into their schedule which might be tiring. Extra shopping trips, going out for walks with the community or even joining an exercise program are usually out of the question. To become fitter you just have to start planning for more action in your life.

Tips to get fitter today!

You can sit down and start planning for what you will do the next week… NO! Don’t sit down. You can become a tiny bit fitter right now and I highly encourage you to do it. Here are some quick tips to immediately improve your lifestyle:

  1. Continue reading this article while standing up. It is quite easy to read while on your feet and it will start exercising you in ways you usually would not.
  2. Plan to cook something nice tonight. Putting more effort into your meals, especially if you usually leave it to others will both make you fitter and give you a very deep satisfaction in due time.
  3. Put your favorite beat on the pc, mp3 or phone and do a quick dance. Just enjoy yourself with any movements you like and feel comfortable with. Whether you shake around like a maniac or you simply sway a bit with the rhythm, it will be a few pleasant moments spent being active.
  4. Clean something. There is always a dirty spot in the house. Find the one that bothers you most and clean it. It might just be a few minutes, but it will exercise you fine.
  5. Stand up once in a while when you are sitting for a long time. When you stand up every ten minutes or so do a quick stretch and sit back down as slowly as you can.
  6. Walk the pet or just walk by yourself. Doing a quick walk, just as much as you feel comfortable with, can do a lot for you. Walking relieves stress and exercises you in a gentle way.
  7. Laugh! Watch some funny videos or think of your favorite joke and laugh as heartily as you can. Even if you have to fake it, the act of laughing improves your blood flow and mood, making it more likely for you to be active.
  8. Go window shopping. Watching fancy new things can take your mind off from the walking you will actually do.
  9. Imagine who you want to be. Just thinking about how you’d actually want to live your life can help you start living like that. But be careful to have reasonable goals.
  10. Finally, play an active game, whether it is alone or with your friends and loved ones. Just throwing a ball around is enough to make you both fitter and happier.


To get fitter today you need to use everything around you that actually encourages you to be active. Being happy and being determined will help you a lot on your way to becoming a fitter you.

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