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Published on August 8th, 2013 | by Joe Starks


10 Tips to Become Fitter This Week

Turning from complete couch potato to super gym-rat is statistically highly improbable and rare, but that is not what fitness is really about. Even just turning from couch potato into a soft-core park walker or hobby sportsman is enough to improve your health and life quality exponentially. You don’t need extreme muscle mass, impressive bench presses and long hours spent sweating to get all the benefits from fitness. What you need is to get fitter, not amazingly fit. And getting fitter is actually easier the more unfit you are! This is why in this article we will give advice on how to get fitter, not how to do extreme exercises and gym routines. This is an article about basic incorporation of movement into your lifestyle.

How to do it

What “fitter” means is quite different from person to person. It highly depends on what level you already are, but after a certain level of fitness it is quite easy to find you way to greater fitness. This is why we’ll start with tips for those who need them the most: the absolute couch potatoes. These tips can benefit even the fitter people though, since they do incorporate fitness into everyday life. So here they are:

  • Add a tiny bit of movement to everything you do. Put a spring into your steps, do that extra little bit of bending down and stretching up when doing housework and finally remember that you can watch TV while ironing or doing some handiwork. The more actions you can combine the more efficient and active your life will become.
  • Do more house chores! Don’t let the dirty dishes pile up and don’t clean the windows only once a year. Keeping your house clean will raise your self-esteem and help you do a lot more exercise. Don’t do everything together, because it will tire you out. Spread the chores out throughout the week and people will be amazed how you manage.
  • When you need to go to any place within 2 or 3 miles go by foot or on a bicycle. Depending on how much you can walk, not how much you want to, don’t take the car unless a distance is way beyond your ability to reach.
  • If the reason you are unfit is pain or inability in certain muscles or joints, then make sure you do exercises that go around those problem areas. For instance, if you have a bad knee, work with your arms and when you have a bad back exercise while lying down. Even people who have lost limbs (like war veterans) can and do keep fit, so you can too. It will raise your self esteem and make you happier.
  • Don’t avoid fun activities. If your children or friends want to play then do so. You can always set your own pace, but don’t avoid activity altogether. Find hobby groups that are at your own fitness levels, like park-walking groups and fun sports teams for amateurs.
  • Avoid exercises that embarrass you or make you uncomfortable. You don’t need to go to an aerobics class if you can’t stand watching yourself in tights jumping before a mirror. You can always choose an exercise that follows your own needs and desires. Walking alone or with friends in beautiful areas or doing a sport that is closer to your heart will do just fine. Some people just need to get fitter, not have a character challenge.
  • Get friends involved in something active. Perhaps you can do some charity work or help the school organize something fun; perhaps you want to assist your community in improving itself. There are hundreds of ways to burn some energy while also helping others.
  • Keep hydrated. Don’t forget to drink some water immediately when you feel thirst or have unexplained headaches. Being dehydrated is a very serious reason why people feel tired and unwilling to move.
  • Eat foods that help you stay energetic. Don’t eat too few calories or too much fatty stuff.  Low calorie diets can make you feel very fatigued and very bad diets do so too. Find a way of eating that gives you both energy and keeps you at the weight you want.
  • Go to great lengths to make yourself happier now! The happier you are the more inclined you will feel to become more active. Dysthymia (a minor type of depression) is one of the great reasons why people become slouchy.


Make sure you improve your life as a whole when you try to become more active. If exercise offers only more suffering you won’t and should not stick to it. This is why you need to implement fitness in a fun way into your life. Do something with friends, organize your life and get out there. It is a hundred percent worth it to make you happier.

YOU are worth it!

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