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  • Joe Starks

    Joe is a world-class coach who still enjoys outperforming his athletes. A golden medalist and fitness model in his youth, he became a personal trainer in his late 20s. He is a certified fitness coach and possesses a MSc in food science and technology. Joe’s dedication to fitness has secured him an ageless physique and the power to guide anyone to realize their fitness goals. Joe teaches professional athletes and newbies alike the secrets of correct training and right dieting that build champions. Throughout his career, Joe has studied the human anatomy and metabolism in depth, allowing him to boost his own and his athletes’ results in ways most other trainers largely ignore. He believes in providing no-BS, accurate information on everything fitness-related. In recent years, Joe has been frequently challenging other experts to adopt a more down-to-earth and honest, hype-free approach to fitness and well-being.

  • Nick Coe

    I guess you can say I've played sports since I was a kid... but my real passion for fitness really only started in my late 20s when I found myself completely out of shape - with over 40 pounds of baggage in all the wrong areas. Ever since then, I've dedicate my life to becoming bigger, faster, and stronger through a lot of research, dedication, and hard work. Throughout the years, I've gained a whole lot of knowledge in the areas of fitness and nutrition - paying attention to every minor tweak and every little detail. It's my goal to share these life lessons with others on this website.

  • Nicole Corvin

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